Badminton is a racquet sport that demands swiftness, quick movements, and precision. And like every other sport it also needs equipment to enhance your playing experience. At Decathlon, we design badminton accessories for badminton enthusiasts like you. Buy the best badminton accessories online from our website!

Badminton Grips:

We understand that carrying a big towel to the court is not very convenient. And guess what, you don’t need to carry one, thanks to Badminton grips. Badminton grips can help absorb the sweat flowing down your arms, hence reduce chafing and provide you with a comfortable feel throughout the game because of its soft texture. It is made of a material that provides a very good grip on the racket.  This can enhance your overall performance. 

Badminton Strings:

Strings are an important part of the racquet. Choosing a badminton string is as important as choosing the racquet. A bad choice of rope and tension can lead to frequent breaks or bad feelings at stake. This is why we design durable strings for you so that you never slow down. Our strings are made of a polymer that offers durability and toughness. It also offers control and power.

We design strings of different thickness, choose the one that suits you best.

Badminton Net:

We know you love playing badminton. This is why we, at Decathlon, design badminton nets for you so you can play with your friends and family anytime, anywhere! Our badminton nets are easy to install and takedown. It comes with 4 contact points and a stability bar that makes it stable no matter where you are. It is easy to move, thanks to its storage box that is light in weight and easy to carry.


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