Badminton Shoes

Badminton is a fast-paced racquet sport that requires the player to move around in quick direction changes and lateral movements to hit the shuttlecock. Badminton requires proper equipment such as badminton rackets, shuttlecocks, attire, and especially proper footwear. Badminton shoes are differently designed when compared to regular shoes. Badminton shoes have thin soles to lower the center of gravity which reduces the risk of injuries. These sports shoes are specifically designed for footwork and movement for badminton. They are anti-slip and wear-resistant rubber which makes the perfect material for the soles of badminton shoes. They are even shock-absorbent and resilience.

Badminton requires lightweight shoes and with the help of a decathlon online store, you can shop them easily! You can type of shoes such as - 

Badminton Shoes for Men: At decathlon, you can find various types of badminton shoes in different colours and sizes for both beginners and for advanced players. A few benefits of badminton shoes for beginners are - lightweight, excellent cushioning, great stability, and perfect grip. A few benefits of badminton shoes for advanced players are - energy return for dynamic jumps, abrasion resistance for naturally prone wear areas, and great breathability.

  • Badminton shoes for beginners/intermediate players - The badminton shoes for these players are a good combination between cushioning and breathability. They are a lightweight, great grip with cushioning and breathability.

  • Badminton shoes for advanced players - These shoes provide great support and stability to prevent injuries under fast movement with multi-direction. They have a perfect grip to hold your foot in place.

  • Badminton shoes with maximum comfort - These types of shoes are designed with a DIAPAD cushioning system which reduces the impact on the heel for maximum cushioning as well as an up system inserts at the front part of shoes enhancing rebound when you take it off. These badminton shoes even have a great grip and great air ventilation.

Badminton Shoes for Women: The badminton shoes for women are lightweight, breathability, users’ comfort, and good grip. They are designed with a combination of cushioning and breathability which helps the player for progressing level on the court.

Badminton Shoes for Kids: The badminton shoes for kids are specially designed to help keep their feet safe. These shoes are lightweight and provide great comfortability, breathability and good grip at the badminton court.

Ways to choose the perfect badminton shoe for you -

While buying badminton shoes, ensure that the performance of the shoe is maximized during the game and also reduces or prevents injuries. The 2 best qualities found in a pair of badminton shoes are - grip and traction, good cushioning and lightweight. This combination keeps your feet sage and injury-free. Few points to remember while buying badminton shoes are:

  • Best traction

  • Amazing grip

  • Lightweight

  • Easy to use

  • Sweat absorbent

  • Assurance of high performance

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