Diving and Snorkelling are the best ways to explore the captivating underwater marine life. If you are eager to experience the sight of the beautiful corals or a school of fishes, diving and snorkelling is the sport. Too scared to plunge into the sea, then just snorkel off the beach. Too inquisitive to explore the deep, then dive your way through the blue sea. At Decathlon, we provide you with the basic and intermediate diving and snorkelling products to enhance your experience. We offer masks and snorkels that you could use while practicing these sports. Just find your size and you are good to go. Our snorkelling kits consists of fins to ease your way through the water, a comfortable mask and a snorkel. They are light weight and easy to carry around, especially when you have booked your holiday to a sea destination area. We also offer Aquashoes that are comfortable and prevent you from slipping when snorkelling and practising your favourite water sports. Our wet suits are the most user friendly and comfortable to wear, keeping you warm as you dive your way through the sea. Our innovative product, the EASYBREATH, is created for breathing underwater as easily and naturally as you would on land with your nose and mouth. You can decide what you want to buy, just the fins, a snorkel or a mask, or all three in a kit. We have it all to make your experience a memorable one.


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