What is Snorkeling?

Snorkeling is the practice of swimming on or through a body of water. The type of equipment used is basically a mask, a snorkel and swim fins to keep us afloat. The snorkeling mask allows us to get a clearer vision of the underwater world, the snorkel helps us breathe inside the water while our heads are submerged underwater and the snorkeling fins or the swim fins help us move in the water with more control.

Things to remember before Snorkeling

Swim: To go for snorkeling, one need not know how to swim but it is generally considered a safer option when stepping into open waters. Different techniques like the kicking technique can be learned easily while practicing swimming and this becomes an added advantage if you want to explore more of the ocean while snorkeling.

Right Breathing: The right tube helps you keep a steady pace for your breaths and helps you to stay underwater for as long as possible.

Energy Conservation: Moving in the water for a long period of time becomes challenging if you don't have enough stamina. It consumes a lot of your energy because while swimming we use different parts of our muscles that we might not use in day to day lives. Swimming is fins also becomes difficult after a certain amount of time as our body is never used to it.

Practice: Wearing all the gears and going for one or two practice sessions in a swimming pool gives a good enough experience of what the body feels like using all the gears and staying underwater for longer periods of time.

Types of Snorkel 

  1. If the snorkel is shaped like the letter J near the mouthpiece then this is the most basic kind of snorkel.

  2. If the snorkel has a simple splash guard at the top then it is a semi-dry one.

  3. In a dry snorkel, the top of the mouthpiece has dry top features preventing any water to enter the opening.

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