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The best jackets are the ones that meet all your requirements and therefore it is important to know your requirements before investing money in your jacket. At Decathlon, we understand the exact requirement for every possible physical activity. We have the best jackets for men as well as women. Explore a wide range of jackets online at Decathlon!

Best Trekking Jackets: Before buying a trekking jacket, you have to consider many things like the duration of your trek, the weather condition in your trekking area, and the weight of your jacket. If you’re planning to trek in the rainy season, buy a waterproof jacket. If you love trekking in the snow, make sure you have a proper snow trekking jacket that can protect you from the harsh weather conditions in the mountains. And if you’re unsure of the wether, buy our 3-in-1 trekking jacket that is carefully designed keeping your requirements in mind. If you feel hot, you can toss one jacket layer into your backpack. 

Best Riding Jackets: We know the rider in you doesn’t stop for the weather conditions outside. Whether you love bike riding, horse riding, or just cycling, we, at Decathlon, have got the best riding jackets for you. Enjoy your rides without worrying about the weather conditions outside as we design waterproof riding jackets to protect you from the rain as well as cold wind. Our horse riding jackets can be worn during cool weather and/or while warming up. It also comes with practical 3 pockets!

Best Rain Jacket: We know nobody loves to stop because of the rain. And the rain comes unannounced. You might be in the middle of the traffic and it suddenly can start raining. We are sure you don’t want to get drenched and fall sick. This is why we design the best rain jackets for you and your little ones. Buy the best rain jacket online from Decathlon.

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