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With lots of people planning all their holidays around in incredibly exotic destinations, scuba diving is fast becoming a very popular sport and hobby for many water enthusiasts. Getting your diving accessories will give you more freedom, especially if you are a trained diver and don't require instructions.

Choose Right

Buying diving equipment can be expensive but if you start investing in the more important pieces bit by bit, you can procure your complete kit eventually. Having your suit, booties and fins is a good way to start as you will always have well-fitted gear.

Our Range

We have a range of incredibly affordable accessories to start you off on your sea life adventure, with sizes for adults and little kiddies too. Choose from our range of wetsuits, booties, masks, snorkels and fins to get yourself the kit you most need.

Think on these

Fit: It's important to have a fitted wetsuit when diving underwater otherwise it will defeat the purpose. It should fit you snug against your skin to keep you warm and protected.

Style: A full-length wetsuit will keep you well protected from the sun if you're snorkelling and warm in the water while diving. If you're not the type to get too cold under water, then you can go for a pair of shorties which covers only half your legs.

Temperatures: Think broadly, you may need to invest in a wetsuit that you can use even in a colder climate.

Quality: A good wetsuit is an investment that will last you for a few years at least so invest with that in mind.

Get your wetsuit for diving online in India at Decathlon and get out there and discover the amazing world of sea life under water.


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