It is a well-known fact that regular workouts reduce the chances of catching serious diseases or body conditions such as heart diseases, obesity, cancer, etc. Cycling is one of a kind sport since it can be enjoyed by all age groups without any major restrictions. The additional perks with cycling as a sport are that its fun, cheap and you get to travel on your bicycle as long as you can ride.

How cycling affects health?

  • Impact - compared to all other major sports cycling has a minimal chance of any injuries being caused for the long term.

  • Muscles - while pedaling, major muscles in the body are being used.

  • Ease - cycling doesn't require any additional skills to learn like most other sport. Once a person learns cycling it is mostly very tough to forget.

  • Strength and Stamina - cycling increases strength in all your muscles and stamina when you go long distances.

  • Fun - unlike other sports cycling can be mixed with traveling longer/shorter distances and travel in a way by including fitness along with this. Cycling can be made very fun depending on how you conduct your activities

Health Benefits of regular cycling

  • Increases cardiovascular fitness

  • Improved muscle strength, stamina, and flexibility of the whole body

  • Improves joint pains

  • Rejuvenates a person and decreases stress levels

  • Fat levels in the body are lowered

Types of Cycles

  • Road cycling - the meaning of road cycling can be interpreted as your own by individuals but in competitive terms, it means how fast a person can reach from one point to another. To do this in a minimum span of time the cycle has to be made in such a way where it should be light, stiff, etc.

  • Hybrid Cycles - hybrid cycles combine the specialties of different kinds of bicycles like road bikes, touring bikes, mountain bikes, etc. Basically these bikes can tolerate a number of conditions in which a rider wants to ride in. These factors make it very popular among all age groups and also as a kids cycle.

  • Rockrider 340 - raised steering position for multi-purpose use. Made from reinforced 6061-T4T6 aluminum that combines durability and low weight. "Sloped" unisex frame geometry is suitable for both men and women. Painted with 3 coats of paint and varnished designs for long-lasting protection. It belongs to the Btwin cycle brand. More models exist for Btwin cycles namely Rockrider 520, Rockrider 340, Rockrider 540. 

  • Mtb Bike - Mtb stands for a mountain bike. It is specially designed to go for a cycle on off-roads. Some features are very common to most of the bicycles but newer modifications are made to mountain bikes to make it more durable on rough terrains. The terrain here refers to rocks, mud, slippery surfaces, very shallow waters, etc.

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