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See what there is to see

If you haven't been mesmerised already by the life that exists under the sea, it's time you picked up your snorkel set, packed your bags and headed off to the seaside.

Questions which help you decide

How do you choose right? It's very simple. Pick a place, pack a bag and head out. Of course, you might want to get some good snorkel equipment before you go. Make sure you find the right size and are comfortable with the fit before you take the plunge. Make sure to check the type of snorkelling mask as well depending on what's most comfortable for you.

A wide range to choose from

Check out our range of equipment for snorkelling and diving when away on holiday. We have masks, wetsuits, fins and whole kits that will start you off on an incredible journey.

Top Features

Clarity: Buying a good snorkelling mask is an intelligent investment as it ensures you have a super clear and colourful experience viewing wildlife underwater.

Size: Getting the right size is essential to your snorkelling experience. Place the mask on your face and breathe. The mask should fit snug on your face and allow you full vision.

Kit or not to kit: You don't have to buy a full kit immediately. You can build up with just a snorkel or a snorkel mask and then invest in a good pair of fins.

Freedom: Having a kit of your own gives you the freedom to go snorkelling for free and at your own time and pace.

Invest in a good snorkelling kit online at Decathlon and open up a wondrous world of underwater sea life.


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