Trekking Jackets

The real essence of being with nature is to witness its beauty and there is no better way to do it than trek your way into the wonders of nature. Sometimes these delights are easily accessible and sometimes it’d require you to go without a trial, follow your natural instincts and discover hidden wonders. No matter what your end destination is, trekking is a demanding adventure sport both in terms of physical strength and endurance but also for your apparel. When on a trek, the last thing you’d want to be worried about would be your apparel notwithstanding the stress. We at Decathlon, are adventurers like you and our Decathlon trekking jackets not only can take a beating but can also push you more to venture out into the wild!

At Decathlon, we offer: 

Down Jackets: For the mountain enthusiasts like you, we design down jackets that protect you from the harshness of the cold with a fill power of 660 CUIN Hem tightening system and are waterproof jackets at the same time helping you stay dry throughout your trek. Our down jackets are compact to fit into your bag and weigh just 480g to help you carry it around without breaking a sweat. 

3 in 1 Jacket: Treks in different climate conditions require trekking jackets with different features and this pushed us to design the best in class 3 in 1 jacket that you can take anywhere and can adapt to all climate conditions no matter what you throw at it. With the 3in1 jacket, you can take it for treks in cold weather up to -1°C and for hot weather treks, swap out the inner layer and head out with just the raincoat making it an excellent alternative for a waterproof jacket. The inside fleece can be further paired with a t-shirt, like a mid-layer. 1 jacket, 3 uses!

Softshell Jackets: Softshell jackets are designed to protect you from the cold weather. The qualities that set apart softshell jacket is the material which is warm, breathable and stretchable. Though they would make for great mountain jackets, protecting you from the cold, they are generally not waterproof and thus can be a bummer if you’re planning to trek in wet conditions. 

Windbreaker Jackets: Windbreaker or windcheater jackets precisely does what the name suggests. It is made out of a thin fabric material that is resistant to cold winds, chills or even light rains. They are designed for treks in cold and light wet conditions, mostly used as mountain jackets. 

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