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Women Down Jackets

Get the Right Type of Puffer Down Jacket for Your Outdoor Adventure. Down is the warmest natural insulation and therefore there's nothing that will make you feel cosier than padded and down jackets on a cold winter morning or evening. Varying levels of insulation are available in these jackets and they can be used as part of a layering system or by themselves.

Questions which help you decide:

Remember that padded down jackets are not a substitute for waterproof jackets. They cannot withstand heavy rain which also damages their insulation properties. The presence of down feathers in a jacket boosts their insulation capacity significantly. These down jackets are pretty lightweight and so they are easy to take along on trips where you must have minimal luggage. A wide range to choose from: You are sure to find the best one for you on Decathlon with its wide range of sizes and colours in down jackets online.


Easy Care: The down jackets can be machine washed and then left to air dry for a couple of days. Fluffing it up will help regain shape distorted by the machine.

Durability: Super lightweight puffer down jackets are convenient but may be prone to snagging and tearing quickly. Fit: Since layers might have to be worn below the outer down jacket, it should not be too fitted. Don't let it be too roomy either allowing cold air to seep in.

Sustainability: Our down jackets are made using ethically sourced duck down feathers.


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