Experience the adrenaline rush, as you kayak down a river, lake or chanel with the Itiwit kayaks by decathlon. These strong kayaks can help you drift your way through water bodies and boost your excitement to the next level. At Decathlon, we offer inflatable kayaks, that are easy to carry around and can be stored anywhere that you would want. The air pump that we give, can help you inflate as many kayaks that you want, with utmost ease. Kayak along with a companion using the two seater or three seater kayaks, and make your ride a joyful one. We also offer a single seater rigid kayak, that is strong and sturdy and can be used in any still waters that you would love to explore. With the kayaks, you can also purchase your pair of paddles to help you row. The itiwit kayaks will help you in exploring the vast untouched wilderness on your kayaking trip.


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