Artengo is one of the leading brands in developing products for Racket sports. We, at Artengo, create a range of equipment for tennis, badminton, table tennis, squash, padel and beach tennis. 

At Artengo, we share the same passion for rackets as you do. And this is why we work hard so that you can learn, improve, and perform well.

Product Listing:

Artengo Tennis Clothing: Enjoy every moment at court

Tennis is a game loved and played by many. And it becomes important to wear a proper outfit to avoid unnecessary injury and facilitate better performance and greater comfort while playing. 

We, at Artendo, design comfortable t-shirts and shorts for you to have a better experience while playing.

Artengo Polo T-shirts are lightweight, made of breathable fabric that provides maximum comfort during the play. The flowing fabric cut provides great freedom of movement. The breathable fabric keeps you dry even during sport.

Artengo Shorts are designed to make you feel comfortable on the court. Lightweight and with good freedom of movement, it is comfortable to wear while playing. Large pockets allow you to carry balls without any discomfort. The cut allows movements to be made without discomfort. 

Breathable fabric keeps you dry even during exercise.

Artengo Table Tennis Table: Fun sessions every day

Which is the best of the games that can be played indoors, and yet make you work up a sweat! Table-tennis, without a doubt!

Table tennis requires less space in comparison to other sports, and the table can be accommodated in a regular room. 

Artengo Table Tennis Table comes in many forms as per your requirements. 

Artengo Squash Racquets And Accessories: Swing your arms to tone those muscles

Squash is a fantastic game where one can use the entire body, play at one's pace, and rejuvenate all the muscles. 

Artengo designs rackets and Squash accessories for you to stay in a power-play mode until the end of the game. At Artengo, you will definitely find a racket fitting your requirements - based on your experience level and needs. 

Artengo Table Tennis Bats and Balls:

You might face a few challenges if you don't have the right set of bat and ball. It might be due to the fraying edges or bad elasticity of your bat. This is why we make sure we design products that let you be at the top of your game.

Artengo Table Tennis Bats are medium hard and its tacky rubber allows your ball to spin properly. The elasticity of the bat lets you have good control over the ball. 

And meticulous care given to the ball's sphericity ensures a uniform bounce. Artengo balls’ durability is tested in our labs and partner clubs.

Why Artengo?

We, at Artengo, believe that racket sport is not about restrictive and painful experiences. It is about fulfillment, health, comfort, and self-esteem.

We design and manufacture smart, simple, playful, innovative, and technical products for everyone from beginners to all-out enthusiasts.

And we are obsessed about designing top quality products that are adapted to your needs, at the best price affordable to all.



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