Rockrider is a part of one of the leading sports’ bicycle brand called B’Twin. We, at Rockrider, design mountain bikes for sports enthusiasts like you. At Rockrider, we are inspired to develop the best product, and our source of inspiration is you. We want you to explore, discover and share all the fun moments with us while you’re in the mountains.

Product Listing:

Rockrider St Mountain Bike & Accessories: 

Mountain biking is fun but also dangerous because of the uneven trails. This is why it is important to buy the right mountain bike for a safe and joyful experience.

Rockrider St Mountain Bike is carefully designed keeping all your needs in mind. It offers comfort, efficiency, and precision. Its thumb shifter lets you change the gear efficiently, preventing accidents. We also provide accessories like sunglasses, helmets, and shorts to make your experience more comfortable and safe.

Rockrider Kids Cycles:

Children love cycling - it's fast and fun and also gives them the freedom to get around. And there are a plethora of benefits in cycling. Apart from keeping your child active and fit, they can use it to commute between school, tuitions, and playgrounds.

But questions like-- what size bike does my child need, what should be the seat height, how light should it be, etc are always on your mind before purchasing because child’s safety is of utmost priority for you and for us! 

Worry no more. We, at Rockrider, design simple and efficient bikes that are easy for your kids to use, equipped with V-brakes (to provide powerful and easy braking ) and a lifetime warranty.

Rockrider Mtb Mountain Bikes & Accessories: 

Mountain biking provides the thrill of racing down a steep slope or climbing up rough terrains and also keeps the adventurer in you happy. The fun and excitement of zipping through jungle trails and rocky roads are best experienced on a good quality mountain bike.

Start your adventure with our Rockrider Mtb Mountain Bike that provides comfort, efficiency, and precision. Its fork and tyres can be easily adjusted to the rider’s weight. It also offers double disc brakes and grip to avoid accidents. 

We also provide helmets, hydration packs and shorts to provide a safe and comfortable experience.


We, at Rockrider, believe that trail riding is all about enjoying and reaping the benefits from mountain biking in the company of others, touring, surpassing yourself, exploring new pastures, challenging your friends and always seeking out the thrill of riding.

We want to widen the access to mountain biking by designing smart, simple, playful, innovative, and technical products for everyone from beginners to all-out enthusiasts. 

And we are obsessed about designing top quality products, at the best price affordable to all.


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