Quechua is one of the leading brands for sportswear and sports equipment. We, at Quechua, have a wide collection of apparel and sports equipment for hiking, trail running, adventure racing, climbing, and mountaineering.

At Quechua, we wish to make mountain hiking accessible to the highest number while meeting the needs of every hiker out there!

Product Listing:

Quechua Hiking Jacket: Our Technology to fight bad weather

Hiking makes for an adventurous travel experience. You feel very content and fulfilled while in the mountains and this feeling is beyond explanation. But hiking has its own challenges. The weather changes are very rapid in the mountains. Hence, it is important to keep yourself warm and dry.

We, at Quechua, understand the physical constraints that you go through while hiking. Which is why our Quechua Hiking Jackets are waterproof and lightweight to ensure maximum freedom of movement and ventilation.

Quechua Camping Tents: Connect with the Nature

Imagine waking up to a beautiful sunrise, feeling the wind in your hair, and enjoying every moment that Nature has to offer. The wholesome experience of being one with Nature amidst peaks and valleys with a stream flowing by is all you need to replenish your mind, body, and soul. All that you need is an easy to assemble and easy to carry, waterproof tent and you’re all set to experience beauty at its best!

We provide a range of camping tents that can fit 1 person and even a whole family comfortably, depending on the size. Sturdy, waterproof and ease of use are the key factors that you may consider while buying our Quechua Camping Tents. 

Quechua Hiking Shoes: Less weight to haul around

When you are hiking in the mountains, you are often dealing with narrow paths and uneven surfaces. We, at Quechua, have made it our priority to protect your feet from all such obstacles.

Quechua Hiking Shoes offer a firm grip, comfort, and protection. The rubber stone guard protects your toes as it reduces the impact with its durable material. The upper of the shoes protect your feet from the rocky surface around the foot. And the sole of our shoes has a foam layer along the foot that provides good absorption and isolation against the roughness of the terrain.

Quechua Travel backpacks: Designed for your comfort

As a backpacker, you always have this love-hate relationship with your backpack, right! You have to log it along with you throughout your journey and re-pack it a gazillion times. But at the same time, if you have a high-quality backpack, it can mean a world of difference in how you experience your life on the road.

Quechua Travel backpacks offer adequate storage, sufficient for your backpack journey. 

Whether you are off for a walk for a few hours or setting off hiking, our Quechua Travel backpack will always be your closest company! 

Why Quechua?

We, at Quechua, believe that mountains are our playgrounds. We aim to create the best hiking experience for everyone and at a very affordable price.

We design and manufacture smart, playful and innovative products for everyone, from beginners to all-out enthusiasts.

And we are obsessed about designing top quality products, at the best price in the industry.


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