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Surfboards are made from different materials and weights for different abilities. If you're a beginner or looking to perfect your flow in the water, then our boards are right for you. Choose a board according to your weight and something that is not too heavy to start off with.

A wide range to choose from

We are equipped with all the right gear to get you started on your new surfer look. We have a range of funky board shorts, leashes, rash guards, flip flops and shorties to make you look the part.

Top Features

Size: Size of the board should be proportionate to the height and weight of the surfer.

Material: Soft boards are easier for beginners so you don't get a real feel of your board every time you fall off of it. Our boards have soft-edge fins too so you won't get cuts while breaking those waves.

Volume: Volume of the board is critical for beginners as more volume makes the board float better and makes it easier to catch the waves.

Buy surfboard in India: With some of the coolest places to surf in, investing in a board in India is affordable and gives you a chance at an exciting life on the sea.

There's nothing like splashing about in the sea with some buddies and the waves. Buy Surfboards online at Decathlon and get yourself geared up for the ride!


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