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When looking to buy bodyboards online, you may want to get an appropriately sized board for yourself or your child. The size of your bodyboard should be proportionate to your weight and height so you have more freedom to manoeuvre in the water.

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Length: A bodyboard should be roughly half the size of your body when standing up. Don't get one that's too big for you or you won't be able to move about freely in the water.

Width: You should be able to carry your board under your arm and that's the right size you need to manoeuvre yourself well in the water.

Weight: Especially for the young ones, choose one that is not too heavy; otherwise they will not be able to control the board in the water.

Put a leash on it: Investing in a leash is a good idea so you will be secured to your board and it would be unlikely to lose it to crashing waves or currents.

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