Adult Badminton Racket 


One of the best ways to spend a weekend is to spend it with your family, playing your favourite game. And who doesn’t love badminton? It is not only a great way to spend your weekend, but it also keeps you and your family members fit. It is a racket sport that requires quick flexes and good stamina. So get ready to burn some calories.


At Decathlon, we design a range of rackets for you but choosing the one for you or your kid could be hectic and tiresome. Refer to the points below on how to choose the best badminton racket:


  • Choose your badminton racket based on your playing frequency

    • Occasional player: If you’re an occasional player, you will need a racket with an isometric head, which will have a larger surface area and will be more forgiving when your strokes are slightly off-centre and will make your first games easier.

    • Regular Player: If you play regularly, you’ll need a racket that has power.  A racket with a balance point at the head will do this. It will make delivery easier.

    • Intensive Player: The main priority for intensive players- control of the racket. A racket with a balance point at the handle will meet the expectations of your game giving you excellent reactivity.

  • Choose based on racket composition

    • Steel rackets: Steel rackets are very strong and offer good value for money. But they are usually heavy.

    • Aluminium Rackets: They are also strong rackets and lighter than steel rackets. 

    • Graphite Rackets: Graphite rackets are lightweight, flexible, and easy to handle. They are usually expensive than other rackets.


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