Warm and Waterproof Jackets

Warm and waterproof jackets

How many of you have had trouble selecting the right jacket for yourself? Choosing the right jacket depends on factors like the outside temperature, the kind of activity you are planning to do, and the waterproofing material. 

Explore the wide range of jackets, suited for different kinds of activity and weather conditions, at Decathlon.

3-in-1 Travel Jacket: You can’t predict the weather conditions while you’re travelling. It could be sunny one minute and start raining the next minute. This is why we designed a 3-in-1 jacket that saves you from the headache of carrying multiple jackets. Buy a single modular jacket to replace 3 products and adapt to every situation. This technical jacket offers warmth, abrasion resistance, and a large discreet travel pocket with compartments to secure your belongings. It comes with removable layers, so you can remove it when it becomes sunny outside. It is also waterproof. We have travel jackets for both men and women in vibrant colours and different sizes. Now buy a 3in1 jacket online from our website.

Ski Jacket: Are you new to downhill skiing? We designed this warm and comfortable ski jacket that will enable you to learn how to ski in the best conditions.

In addition to being warm, this jacket provides essential protection against weather conditions like rain and wind. What more could you need to enjoy days on the slopes?

Snow Hiking Jacket: We designed the snow hiking jacket for winter hikes in very cold and snowy weather. It can protect you from temperatures up to -10°C. This jacket is ideal for hiking in the snow as it comes with high coverage lined with a hood, warm pockets with a large padded flap behind the zip to gain an extra 3°C. It is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry even if it’s raining. 

Trekking 3-in-1 Jacket: We designed this jacket for travelling around the world with peace of mind, in all environments. A single modular jacket to replace 3 products and adapt to every situation. Now buy 3-in-1 trekking jacket online from our website.

Rain Jacket: We love rain as much as you do! This is why we designed this jacket for your short walks in the plain, forest or on the coast to provide extra protection in rainy weather.

This jacket is fitted at the waist and looks very stylish. Take this jacket wherever you go as it is lightweight, compact and breathable and can be stored in its pocket!

At Decathlon, we pay attention to your technical needs that are based on the outside temperature you will be facing. So, head to your nearest store or buy the best jacket online!


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