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Quechua has a wide collection of Hiking gears which includes Tents, Backpacks, Sleeping bags, Camping Tents, Bottles & Cutlery:

Camping Tents

Quechua tents come in different varieties and innovative forms with one primary goal, to enhance the experience of any hiking trip which involves camping.

Quechua tents can be carried by backpackers because they are sufficiently light. They can be carried for long distances on a bicycle, boat, or even on a person's back. Quechua tent online India brings you a tent for every requirement. Whether you're planning a family camping holiday or you're a frequent camper with often changing campsites. The different types of tents include the backpacking tents, tents for family camping meant for 4 to 6 people. Then there are instant and dome tents which are perfect for 2 to 3 people.

 For a simple temporary shelter from the sun or the rain, the 2 second tent which falls under the instant tent category seems appropriate with spring-loaded poles which are easy to use. There is no assembly required. Remove the tent from it's carrying sack, toss it in the air, and it is ready to use.

Quechua tents are made up of flysheet, 2000mm schmerber which is a water resistant. PU-coated polyester,  bedrooms with breathable polyester and for the ground sheet, polyethylene. The poles are often made of fiberglass.


Quechua Hiking backpacks are designed with the purpose of providing you with a little help to make sure that nothing is left behind when you're going on a hiking or trekking expedition.

 A backpack is undoubtedly the most useful component that you carry with yourself. The Quechua range consists of Backpacks for almost all purposes. Whether you're just going walking for a few hours or trekking for a day or several days in the mountains.

There are basically 4 major types of backpacks associated with different kinds of activities depending on their carrying capacity. The 22L backpacks are more suitable for light strolls on flat or low hills. These backpacks accessorized for hiking can also be used for travelling on a daily basis. Hiking bags ranging between 20 to 40L can be opted for walking in the mountains. For long distance trekking, the ideal capacity would be 50 to 70L trekking bags which have the ability to carry things to hold you out for several days. Then there are the Duffel bags which range between 40 to 120L designed for hikers who need support to move their belongings between stages during a hike, basically a practical way to transport heavy hiking equipments. 

Sleeping Bags

 The primary function of the Quechua sleeping bags is to provide warmth and thermal insulation through the synthetic material. However, it is important to keep in mind that a sleeping bag does not produce any heat but "retains" the body heat produced.  “Comfortable” temperatures provided on the covers of Quechua sleeping bags in India are also established based upon standard European tests.

Quechua sleeping bags typically have water resistant or water repellent covers that protects against the chilly wind and light precipitation. A tent is commonly used in addition to a sleeping bag, to perform those functions better. The bottom surface of sleeping bags come with some cushioning, along with which a sleeping pad, a camp cot or a sleeping mattress can be used since it provides insulation from the camping ground which is often cold and damp.

While looking for sleeping bags online in India, the Quechua sleeping bag category can come handy for discovering the several types of bags with different features suitable for separate temperature and purposes.

Camping Furniture

Quechua camping furniture is designed for convenience and travel. They are lightweight and can fold into compact forms facilitating transport and storage. The convenience which comes along with foldable furniture is worth the mention. They can be easily placed in your car or carried around in your apartment. They are extremely user friendly, mobile and a perfect choice for camping expeditions.

The Quechua range of foldable furniture in India consists of tables, chairs, seats, camp beds and stools. The foldable tables in India are perfect for campers looking for an ultra-compact table. It is composed of laminate, aluminium and steel. The chairs, seats, camp beds and stools are mostly made up of polyester fabric which are easily assembled and dismantled with a deployment type of an umbrella and highly durable steel frames. These are ideal for campers looking for stable and compact furniture for outdoor use. For campers requiring comfortable off the ground bedding, the camp beds can come handy.

 If you're looking for foldable chairs in India or any other folding furniture, you can go through the category page to explore through a list of options.

Bottles and Cutlery

 Carrying personal cutlery has become a natural practice among trekkers. This is a positive practice keeping in mind the personal hygiene and convenience. Quechua brings you quality bottles and cutlery in the form of camping equipment which are lightweight and are designed for convenience on any hiking or trekking trip. 

The entire point of carrying personal utensils is that it makes everything hassle-free and easy. The least you can do is to leave all worries about health and hygiene behind on a trip. The camping equipment in India brought by Quechua includes a mix of plastic and aluminium cutlery. The plastic bottles, plates, cups and bowls are available in different colours, the material used is polypropylene which is fall and shock resistant making it ideal for outdoor use. Non stick cooksets and kettles made of anodised aluminium resists scratches and dents. An interesting funtion of these cooksets is that the cover can be used as a pan.

Other cutlery includes aluminium bottles in different colours and patterns, isothermal flasks and isothermic mugs for hikers who want to keep their drinks hot or cold over a long period of time, foldable spoons, anti – scratch plastic spoons, forks and knives.


Incase you're looking for camping gear in India, this category page can come in handy to tick out all the items from that checklist.


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