Cross Training

We also have Weighing scale/Weighing machine - to measure your body weight, body fat, muscle mass, bone mass & body water.

Build that body with Domyos

The benefits of regular exercise go beyond weight-loss. Working out for 20 minutes every day reduces the risk of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. To make the most of your workout, invest in fitness equipment that complements your exercise needs, and takes you closer to your fitness goals.

Questions which help you decide

With specialized equipment available to address every training need, it is important to invest some time in choosing your home gym. Along with budget and space, the primary deciding factors are your goals and interests. For people who want to lose weight or increase stamina, cardio equipment is best, but if your goal is toning, what you need is a resistance machine. Pick an activity you like, to make sure you don't get bored.

A Wide Range to choose from

Bounce your way to health on your very own trampoline, or indulge in your love for cycling, without stepping out of home! Decathlon has the equipment to suit every requirement!

Find here - Top 10 crossfit workouts to become fit

Top Features

- Built to last: Domyos manufactures sturdy equipment, which is not only safe but also durable. Highly calibrated, non-rusty metallic bars are used to manufacture fitness equipment that conforms to international quality standards.

- Correct weights: Decathlon is a quality-conscious fitness store which ensures that the weights you buy are perfectly calibrated.

- Compact and easy to store: Make sure you make optimum use of available space, using our sleek equipment, most of which can be collapsed for storage.

Decathlon enables its customers to buy the best body fitness equipment in the business. Take the first step on a journey towards a healthy life by shopping online at Decathlon, today!


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