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Elliptical and Cross Trainers

Elliptical Trainer Installation Policy

Elliptical Trainers

Elliptical trainers are ideal for those of you, who prefer climbing rather than running on a treadmill. Elliptical training combines the actions of climbing stairs, skiing and running, all in a single compact unit.

Questions Which Will Help You Choose

Runners will benefit from the non-impact movement, as a complement to their running. Older users will appreciate the fluidity, safety, and ease of the motion. Many elliptical trainers have a wide variety of features- ranging from fans and heart rate monitors to displays that show how many calories have been burned.

A Wide Range To Choose From

Decathlon offers cross trainers with flywheels, ranging from 3kgs to 12kgs. The equipment promises smooth and jolt-free pedaling, which is easy on the joints.

Top Features

Pre-Set And Custom Programs: The cross trainer offers user-friendly onboard programmes and personalized coaching through the e-connected app.

Maintenance: Find a cross-trainer that is extremely easy to maintain. Although you may have to care for your equipment every day, there should be no need to service your machine after every single use.

Ease Of Use: The best equipment ensures simplicity of use. Choose elliptical trainers that provide manual and quick-start modes, as their jolt-free pedaling is easy on joints.

Safety Features: Look for trainers that contain additional features that will help secure the machine when not in use, such as locking features that keep pedals from moving.

If you are looking to invest in an elliptical trainer, choose from a large number of options available online on the Decathlon website.

Decathlon Cross Trainers are more Durable & Affordable.


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