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Exercise Bikes

Exercise Bikes

It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle but how many of you have been struggling to hit the gym? We understand that it becomes hectic to go to the gym every day, but what if we told you that you can get to the gym at home. Yes, an exercise bike is a great option to help you stay healthy. A great exercise cycle is one that is easy to operate and fun to use. These cycles provide a number of benefits to users, irrespective of their level of fitness or fitness goals. They help in increasing your endurance and tone your muscles. The WHO, as an effective method for weight loss, has recommended fitness exercise cycles. It is great for the back and joints. Also, checkout Elliptical Cross Trainers for a complete workout

Questions Which Will Help You Choose:

Exercise Bikes come in two variants - upright and recumbent. So it is important to understand your fitness needs, before picking up the type that best suits you. Also, ensure that you invest in an exercise cycle that has smooth-functioning pedals, height adjustment, and safety features.

A Wide Range of Exercise cycles to Choose From:

Domyos at Decathlon lets you buy gym cycle online in India, which is embedded with electronic trackers and adequate safety features.

Top Features:

Functions: The stationary cycles include features that display the number of calories burnt, distance, time, speed and heart rate. An efficient exercise cycle's flywheel should enable smooth pedalling.

Seat: It is very important to choose a seat that suits you best. Ensure that the seat you choose is large enough to accommodate various sizes (if being used by multiple users).

Height Adjustability: It is always useful to choose an exercise cycle that has flexible height adjustments so that users of various heights can use exercise cycles with ease.

Safety: It is necessary to ensure that all the moving parts such as chains and belts are covered with a safety shroud.

The right adjustment of your exercise bike

Before beginning to train on your exercise bike, the right adjustment is essential. To do it, we recommend adjusting the height of the saddle to hip level. Your leg should be slightly flexed when your foot is at the lowest point on the pedal. On certain models, you can adjust the depth of the saddle, as well as the height of the handlebars, in order to easily adapt to each individual body type.

The Console

These exercise cycles are fitted with a console that displays helpful information regarding your session, such as your speed, distance travelled, riding time, average calories burned.

Check the components of the exercise cycle that are designed to provide a comfortable ride:

Seat and handlebars: We recommend an exercise cycle with a seat and handlebars that can be adjusted both height-wise and depth-wise. The height of the saddle should be adjusted so that your leg is slightly bent when the pedal is at its lowest.

Domyos exercise cycles are designed for users measuring 1.55 to 1.95 metres.

Toe clips or pedal straps: These provide your muscles with a better workout. An exercise cycle with a step-through (open) frame makes it easier to get on the cycle (especially for those with reduced mobility).

Max user weight: Check the total weight compared with the user weight. All Domyos exercise cycles are designed for a maximum user weight of 130 kg.

Stability: Check that your exercise cycle is equipped with stabilizers that ensure that the cycle remains stable while in use regardless of your floor type.

Easy to get on and off: You should check whether the frame of the exercise cycle is open enough (known as "step-through") to allow you to get on the cycle without having to climb over the crossbar.

Moving the exercise cycle around: Exercise cycles with wheels are highly practical. Domyos exercise cycles all come with wheels, allowing you to easily move your bike around your house and store it wherever you like. 

Decathlon provides you with a number of stationary gym cycles to choose from. Buy the exercise cycle of your desire online.


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