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The art of body building has benefited largely from benches, and the fitness equipment dedicated to workouts. Abdominal belts and fitness benches are available at Decathlon. India can, without a hassle, order fitness equipment, with a single click. These abdominal fitness benches enable a non-stressful fitness training, and can be folded away after your workout.

Questions Which Will Help You Choose:

Workout requirements, the number of users and the available space to set up fitness equipment, are the factors to consider before buying a fitness bench from Decathlon. Domyos offers benches with various weight limits, adjustable and non-adjustable , inclined weight bench and easy-to-assemble kits.

A Wide Range to Choose From

7 incline settings let you make the most of the fitness benches, which enable the workout of different muscle groups. 3 customised settings for abs and quads, with the help of soft cushioning, lets you have a complete body workout.

Top Features:

Incline: The group of muscles to be worked out can be decided, with respect to the fitness bench we opt for, based on its incline features.

Types: Weight training, fitness and abdominal training demand specific fitness benches, or bench modifications. Various sizes of training belts and abdominal belts can be used for power lifting.

Ease of Movement: An ease of movement in benches with safety features, allows a smooth and effective workout. Domyos has worked towards designing fitness equipment that does not demand any maintenance even after prolonged use.

Leg Extension: A wide range of leg extension equipment with ideal cushioning, lets you work out your hamstrings, quadriceps and calf muscles.

Compact and foldable fitness bench suited for all levels : beginner to advanced

Visit the Decathlon online store for a plethora of fitness equipment that helps you on your way to health and fitness!


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