Cross Training Pull Up Bars

Pull-Ups is an exercise that is focused to strengthen your upper body. This exercise targets most of the upper body muscles such as biceps, forearms and shoulder muscles and helps in building strong muscles without having to lift heavyweights. Being a common exercise that improves functional strength and makes your nervous system stronger, having a good pull up bar for home is beyond inevitable to extract the most out of the exercise. Buy your Decathlon pull up bar online today!

How to choose your pull up bar? 

Grip: The grip is the single most important element in a pull-up bar as it is the point of contact between your body and the bar. To identify between a good and bad quality pull bar, one could simply look at the material of the grip. Most poor-quality pull up rod/bars wouldn’t have safe grip options or can even be uncoated. More often than not, this leads to accidents that impact the overall experience. Always choose ones that have rubber or foam grips that are easy on your hands. Coarse textured grips provide the best possible pull up experience and the type of material used can result in calluses on your palms. Add a pair of gloves in your mix and you’d be good to go!

Available Space: When working out from home, the availability of space is a constraint you have to work around and therefore when buying pull up bars, one should have a clear understanding of the space available and you plan to mount it. Mounting on the door frame and on the wall are the most common ways of installing a pull-up bar.  

Weight Capacity: Pull up bars are usually judged on the basis of the weight it can hold. Most pull up rod/bars can easily hold weights up to 100kgs without additional support or installation. At Decathlon, we design pull up bars that can hold weights up to a maximum of 130kgs. When doing pull-ups on lower weight rating bars, there are chances of the bar bending and resulting in accidents. 

The diameter of Bar: For pull up bars to be installed on door frames, one should be really careful of the diameter of the bar as it judges the weight that it can hold. A diameter of 25mm and more can usually handle most weights. 

Installation: Pull up bars are either permanently fixed to one spot or are portable. Portable bars are easy to carry and you can mantle and dismantle them easily according to your need. To make a decision, one should be really sure of what his requirement is. To combat this issue, we designed pull-up bars that can be mounted on the wall but fold up against the wall so no extra space is taken up. 

Buy your pull up bar from Decathlon’s online store today!


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