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Tired of aching wrists and bruises on your palms, after a workout that was supposed to make you feel good? Gym gloves form an integral part of a workout, ensuring a firm grip during weight lifting. 

The frequency of your workout, amount of perspiration need to be taken into account before choosing the gloves. Excess perspiration can lead to slipping of the barbell and increase the incidents of accidents. Domyos provides sturdy gloves which can comfort your hand and prevent the formation of callouses.

A Wide Range to Choose From

Buy weightlifting belts, gloves and gym accessories at Decathlon. India is moving towards being fit and healthy, and in order to achieve your fitness goals, it is necessary to be safe. The variety of gloves and wrist grips available can be fastened with the help of a Velcro buckle.

Top Features:

Fabric: The core of a glove is made with animal leather while the softer part of it is cushioned and made of polyester, elastane and neoprene. The fabric is durable and provides extra grip to hold weights.

Style: Gloves come in various styles covering either the entire hand or just the palms, and come in various sizes from XS to XXL.

Cushioning and Support: Cushioning helps prevention of callouses, which are formed as a result of vigorous friction on the palm. A wrist support aids in the prevention of sprains and muscle slips, which could happen during power or weight lifting. These gloves also have the flexibility to be used for MMA practice.

Grip and Wrist Support: A wrist support is fastened around the wrist with the help of Velcro. The thread marks of gloves are designed to prevent slipping.

Shop at Decathlon and leap your way to fitness, with the plethora of gloves and fitness belts that you can choose from!


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