Skipping Ropes

Skipping Ropes

Skipping rope is a great tool for cardiovascular fitness. Not only is it economical and easily portable, but also increases your endurance, stamina, and helps in burning calories. Skipping ropes also help in correcting posture by increasing core strength. Fifteen minutes of skipping is considered to be the equivalent of 30 minutes of jogging.

Questions Which Will Help You Choose:

The regularity of use is the only main question to be answered, before looking for the right rope. Skipping rope is such a simple and beautiful tool, it can benefit people of all ages unless contraindicated for specific medical reasons.

A Wide Range to Choose From:

Decathlon offers a wide range of skipping ropes, online. Domyos also has skipping ropes with a counter that lets you gauge your improvement, and give an approximate count of how many calories are burnt.

Top Features:

Types: Depending on the need, you can go for beaded jump rope, speed jump rope, cloth jump rope, double Dutch jump rope and kid's jump rope.

Size: Most skipping ropes come with an average length of 2.7 metres- but ropes where length can be customized, are also available. Polyvinyl chloride and leather, are the main constitutes of the rope.

Handles: These come with adjustable rope with foam handle, and two removable weights of 150g. Polypropylene Handles are designed for comfort and durability.

Weighted Ropes: These are directed towards burning your calories rather than increasing your agility.

Buy skipping ropes from Decathlon today, and get that toned, fit body you've always wanted.

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