Fitness Shoes

Step into the gym completely ready

When we are stuck at work for a ridiculous number of hours, we all even miss out on proper sleep and motivated exercise. So put on your gym shoes and head to your closest gym. It is said that even a 20-minute workout is known to reduce stress, and boost the release of endorphins, otherwise known as the happy chemicals.

Questions which help you decide

Depending on your requirements, you can choose different types of shoes. There are fitness shoes if you want to use them only at the gym, there are running shoes if you concentrate only on athletics, and so on. Check the soles of the shoes, the material, the arch type, etc., and find out if the shoes you've chosen are suitable for the activity of your choice.

A wide range to choose from

Browse through the website to find and buy from our vast collection of women's training shoes and men's gym shoes. You'll find the type that best matches your comfort and style perfectly!

Top Features

Fit – The gym shoes that you choose should neither be too tight nor too loose. Buy a pair that fits you perfectly, on top of your socks.

Needs – Pick out shoes that are made exclusively for use in gyms and for workouts, since there are different types of shoes for different purposes.

Weight – Lightweight shoes are the best when it comes to working out. They provide all the comfort you need and do away with extra weight for your legs.

On the Decathlon website, you can choose from the different shoes we have, and buy the ones that satisfy your needs.


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