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Gym bags are essentially a bag to move your gym necessities such as gym clothes, a bottle of water, footwear, etc. to and from the gym. Putting effort into finding a good looking and functional gym/sports bag not only excites you to head to your gym and stay fit but also double up as a bag you can take while travelling. 

Apart from gym bags, we also offer locks to keep your valuables safe at the gym locker. The last thing you’d want when working out would be to be concerned if someone’s going through your stuff. 

Buy gym bags online and locks today at the Decathlon today!

What to look at when buying gym/sports bags: 

Storage Space: The most important thing to look out for when buying a bag is the storage space it provides. The same is the case with gym bags and like regular bags, space is measured in terms of litres. To understand which size would be the best suitable for you, you need a clear understanding of all the different things you’d carry and how big they would be. For most users, a 20L gym bag would be perfect. Decathlon gym bags come in sizes ranging from 10L to 30L. 

Style of Bag: Gym bags for men and women mostly come in four designs - duffle, tote, backpack, and shoulder bags. The preference of the style of bag usually boils down to what you like more and goes consistent with your overall style. 

Material: Like all bags, gym bags for women and men to come in different materials such as leather, cotton canvas, nylon, etc. The material of the bag indirectly also becomes the deciding factor for many as different materials cost differently. Leather is the most expensive and is the better looking of the lot but might absorb pungent scents by carrying around sweaty clothes in the long run. Cotton canvas and nylon are the more common materials found for gym bags as they last long, are inexpensive and if required, you could toss them for a wash and they’d be as good as new. 

Functionality: For gym bags, compartments are an absolute must as your bags would have to separate your used clothes from your new, keeping your toiletries away from your shoes, etc. Compartments are thus a necessity when buying any gym bag.  

If you’re looking to upgrade your gym bag or get a new one, check out gym bags online at our website.


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