Combat Sport Protection

On the way to becoming very popular in India, combat sports classes and MMA fighting, are the go-to options for those looking for a fun way to get fitter. With Decathlon, you can now equip yourself for the fight!

Questions Which Will Help You Choose

When buying martial arts shin guards, you must take the type of martial arts that you practice into account. Each combat sport has specific guards- Muay Thai shin guards and guards for Mixed Martial Arts (or MMA) constitute a part of the martial arts uniform. The mouth guard is also an important piece of safety equipment, which cushions the impact of a blow to the chin. It protects your teeth from breaking under impact. Hence, choosing the right fit is essential.

A Wide Range to Choose From

Decathlon features a large number of combat sports protection equipment by Domyos such as shin guards, teeth protectors and mouth guards.

Top Features

Material: Shin guards protect shins from the damage, from tackles. Hence, it is important to choose a sturdy shin guard. Modern day shin guards are made of various synthetic materials, including fibreglass, foam rubber, plastic, polyurethane and metal.

Types: The various mouth protectors that are available, also known as mouth guards, are- ready-made mouth guards, boil-and-bite mouth guards or custom made guards.

Size: Constant replacement of mouth guards is necessary since they undergo wear and tear during fights, making them less effective over time.

Function: Shin guards play a vital role in protecting your shins, from the exposure of high-velocity kicks or tackles. Mouth guards prevent laceration and bruising in soft tissues of lips and cheeks. Its cushioning over the teeth prevents teeth fracture and dislocations.

Shop online at Decathlon, for top quality combat sports protection equipment, and fight your way to health!


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