Horse Riding Saddles

The right horse riding saddle depends on your standard and your wishes

A vital piece of horse riding equipment, the saddle forms a direct link between you and your horse. It also plays an essential role in making you enjoy riding and helping you progress. DECATHLON has plenty of advice on the different types of saddle, because the right choice depends on your riding level and the discipline you want to devote yourself to. This means that a dressage saddle will differ from an eventing model, while a show jumper will again need a different model. Follow DECATHLON's tips for asking the right questions when choosing your saddle.

Choose the right saddle to guarantee fun and progress

Your saddle is one of the many accessories needed to keep you safe, comfortable and at ease, for example, saddle pads and even saddle cloths. But your saddle itself also needs to be right for the shape of your horse's back, besides simply relying on the straps to adjust the fit more precisely. Lastly, the material you choose, from leather to synthetics, will round off the process of choosing your next saddle.


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