Saddle Pads

What roles should a saddle pad play?

As the name suggests, a saddle pad is used by horse riders to cushion the horse's back from the saddle pressing against it. Besides reducing the risk of injury, this item also better distributes a rider's weight across the saddle while ensuring they are sitting in a good position.

When should you use a DECATHLON saddle pad?

Your horse's back works hardest when you are riding. Saddle pads help you make these activities less restricted so that your horse can train correctly and perform without suffering. Saddle pads are strongly recommended when jumping or going on long rides, as well as for sensitive horses or beginner riders.

How do you fit a saddle pad in place?

You should place the saddle pad between your saddle and saddle cloth so that everything is evenly distributed across your horse's back. Make sure it is away from the withers. You could also use a saddle cloth with a built-in pad.


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