Tarmak is one of the fast-growing basketball brands. We, at Tarmak, create a range of sports equipment and apparels for basketball enthusiasts like you. At Tarmak, we are inspired to develop the best product, and our source of inspiration is your love for the sport. We want you to enjoy the sport of basketball, have fun and compete with your friends or family, be it at home or on the playground with our products! 

Product Listing:

Tarmak Basketball Ball: Play non-stop with an indestructible ball

By playing and interacting with many basketball players, we have realized that deflated and worn-out balls make playing basketball difficult. Balls that slide or bounce badly are irreparable. That's why in addition to a reinforced envelope, Tarmak Basketballs have integrated inside the ball, a green gel composed of rubber microparticles, which sucked up by the air, fill the holes and reinforce the worn areas. This reduces pressure loss and allows you to continue playing. 

Tarmak Basketball Shoes: Play non-stop with us

The money that you spend while buying the right pair of basketball shoes will save you from injuries and pain that might sustain if you keep playing using the incorrect pair of shoes. We at Tarmak offer you comfortable shoes made from lightweight materials that meet all the demands: freedom of movement, easy rotation, cushioning, and grip. Tarmak basketball shoes will help you advance your skillset and play with confidence. 

Tarmak Basketball Apparel: Let’s play some ball

Ready for a game of basketball, but aren't sure if your jeans and sneakers will cut it, or give you an edge? At Tarmak, you can now choose from a variety of basketball clothing-a basketball jersey or basketball shorts for a smoother game- to feel comfortable while playing. Tarmak Basketball Apparel offers freedom of movement and moisture management.

Tarmak Basketball Accessories: An overall package for your game

Your safety comes first while playing any sport. This is why we, at Tarmak, have designed accessories like ankle brace and ankle guard to protect your feet from all sort of injuries. And a knee cap to protect your knee so you can jump high, fall, and give your best to the game. Last but not least-- a basketball board -- without which your game will be incomplete.


We, at Tarmak, believe in creating products that can be used to play for a longer time which is therefore always more fun. 

Our focus is to provide safe, value for money and attractive products to inspire more Indians to play basketball! 

And we are obsessed about designing top quality products with common sense, simplicity, and safety.


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