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Walking Shoes for Men
Walking Shoes for Women

Newfeel is one of the leading brands that focuses on developing products for walkers. Walking is one of the easiest forms of exercise for people of all ages. It provides you with various health benefits, also it improves your sleep pattern and helps you stay happy. But, when your walking makes sure to wear the right pair of shoes otherwise, you might face unnecessary injuries. We at Decathlon know that your feet need a comfortable walking shoe, this is why we design shoes for you to keep the safety and comfort of your feet in mind. Men's Footwear range starts from Rs. 599 onwards. In India, we are one of the top brand selling Walking Shoes with the best Quality

Walking Shoes to be chosen based on the practice level and need of the user - Practise level is like

Occasional Walking Shoes for Men which are of 1-2 times a week, 30-45min a day.

Regular Walking Shoes for Men which are of 3-5 times a week, 45-1hr a day

All our shoes can be used as casual purposes as well as we have shoes to walk on different surfaces like asphalt, offroad, cement, paver block, and tar roads. We have slip-on Shoes, water-resistant & waterproof shoes for walking. The Main key product features of our walking shoes are Lightweight, easy to wear, flexible, breathable, cushioning, comfort, grip, water-resistant. We also give 2 years warranty for our products and 90 days of the return policy. Warranty is only for the manufacturing defects like stitches and for the sole pastings. Wear & tear will not be covered under warranty.

Some important features :

1. Slight roominess in front of the TOE box.

2. Outsole with good traction ( Midsole - Foam, Outsole ) - Most of our shoe outsole is made with Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA)

3. Good Flexible ( Our shoes are flexible with Flex h & Flex h+ concept )

4. Breathability & Lightweightness

5. Good shock absorption with good quality insoles ( Memory foam & Gel layer to add extra to your comfort )

Top-rated Walking Shoes for Men Online India :

Walking shoes for men PW 100 Grey

Walking shoes for men PW 160 slip-on Black

Walking shoes for men Soft 180 strap

Walking shoes for men PW 540 - Flex H+

If you are looking for water-resistant walking shoes or waterproof shoes - I would suggest you try for PW 580 water-resistant Walking shoes.

We also have a good collection of Walking Shoes for Women & Kids.


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