Cross Training Accessories

Cross-Training Accessories

Cross-training is becoming increasingly popular in gyms everywhere. It can help you quickly improve your overall fitness level, as you can do different exercises in a certain amount of time. We, at Decathlon, provide a wide range of accessories for athletes like you who wish to prepare for more intense training sessions. Buy Decathlon’s Cross-training accessories online!

Resistance Bands:

Want a fit and fabulous body? Add resistance band exercises to your workout. Resistance exercises are great for full-body toning and fitness.

We design elastic bands that are robust and durable, for weight training, cross-training, or physical preparation sessions. The Training Band not only builds muscle strength but also helps you stretch. It is a versatile accessory that can boost your fitness level. It is lightweight and can be easily carried with you in your fitness or travel bag

Cross Training Speed Rope:

There are several benefits of Jumping rope. Not only can the Jumping rope improve overall cardio and breathing techniques, but it can also improve coordination and rhythm to help you in sports like running, boxing, basketball, football, CrossFit  etc

Few benefits of training with a speed rope:

  • The speed rope is beneficial for beginners and athletes for improving speed, stamina and coordination. There are numerous drills that can be performed with speed rope to improve your physical conditioning

  • Improved cardio: Speed rope can raise your heart rate two to three times faster than other cardio workouts  and offer aerobic benefits

Whether your training is focused on strength and resistance or increasing endurance, speed rope is the perfect companion for a full-body workout. This is why we, at Decathlon, design speed rope that is perfect for cross-training and double unders. The 100-speed rope can be adjusted to fit any user. It comes with speed cable and bearings for high-speed training and a resisting coating for outdoor use (concrete, tarmac, etc). 

Cross Training Foam Roller:

Self-massage using the Training Foam Roller relieves painful areas caused by injury or repetitive movements. Its 3D surface replicates the feeling of a massage therapist's hands.

When it can be used:

  • Before working out, as an alternative warm-up activity, to prepare the body for exercise and avoid any risk of injury. 

  • After working out, to practice mobility.

We design Training foam rollers that don’t lose their shape, even after repeated and intense use. The dense 3D sculpted foam provides absolute comfort.

Cross Training Push Up Bar:

Push-ups are a fast and effective exercise for building strength. They work on the triceps, pectoral muscles, and shoulders and when done with proper form, they can also strengthen the lower back and core by engaging with abdominal muscles. 

Are your wrists hurting during or post push-ups? Make push-ups more comfortable with the Push-Up Bar's ergonomic handle that allows for push-ups with arms together or apart. It also provides a non-slip grip for superior stability. The ergonomic handle reduces the strain on your wrist and works your chest muscles deeper


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