Cross Training Clothes

Cross-Training Clothes

As cross-training involves different exercises and body movements, it is necessary to wear comfortable apparel while working out. Getting the right fit and appropriate clothing can be challenging at times. The cross-training apparel needs to be abrasion-resistant and tough just like your workouts. As the barbell tends to slide up and down your shin and hips, these clothes are durable to withstand the wear and tear.

Select from a range of stylish, practical and athletic gym wear collection for both men and women, which are available in a plethora of different sizes and colours. 

Cross-Training Tshirts:

Why settle for second best when you can buy the best cross-training T-shirts at Decathlon!  We design Tank Tops and T-shirts that provide abrasion resistance and comfort. 

The stretchy, breathable fabric makes you feel relaxed during your workout sessions. These T-shirts come at a very affordable price that you cannot miss out on!

Cross-Training shorts:

To help you reach your fitness goals, we design gym shorts specifically for cross-training that are ultra-lightweight and durable. 

Its fabric actively wicks away perspiration to keep you dry and comfortable during all your workouts.

Cross-Training Leggings:

There are several benefits of wearing leggings while working out like it reduces muscle fatigue, prevents strain, reduces the risk of muscle soreness, etc. This is why we design cross leggings that come with a protective patch at the shins and thighs, ideal to reduce friction from the bar on your shins and thighs during workouts. The fabric quickly wicks away perspiration make it a comfortable and breathable workout outfit.


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