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Cardio Equipment

Cardio equipment is designed to replicate cycling, rowing, stair climbing, walking, running. Whether automated or not, these equipment are found in gyms for heavy use or lighter versions for home use. Now exercises with fitness equipment to improve your strength and shed those extra kilos.

Below are some kinds of cardio equipment mentioned :

Elliptical Cross Trainers

An elliptical cross trainer is stationary cardio equipment which is used to replicate running, walking and stair climbing without extreme pressure on various joints of the body hence diminishing the risk for critical injuries. This gym equipment helps in light power to high power cardiovascular workout which depends on the speed of the exercise and the settings by the user.


A treadmill is a gym machine used to replicate running, walking and stair climbing in exercise cycles. Treadmills became popularized before the invention of power machines.

It comes with a belt which moves when the motor is running. The speed of this belt can be set according to one’s needs. This belt becomes the platform on which you run.

Stationary Bicycle 

Stationary bicycles offer a good cardiovascular workout. Using this machine for longer periods of time may become uncomfortable. The right model is important to choose so keep in mind the type of seat and the handlebars to be present in the perfect position according to your own needs.

Strength Equipment

This equipment helps us build strength as they offer resistance while exercising. If a person is just starting to work out and is unsure of investing a huge amount of money on heavyweight machines, the perfect option for them is to first try out hand weights, exercise mats, resistance bands.


These bands look like rubber bands but are bigger in shape. The way to differentiate these bands is by their color which usually means a varying level of resistance from low to high.

Hand weights

If you are a beginner, it is advisable to invest in hand weights for your strength training rather than buying heavy equipment at first go which is more expensive than this exercise equipment. Training with hand weights first and then moving on to more expensive equipment over time may prove to be worthwhile.

Ankle weights

Ankle weights can help while running or skipping a rope. Usually, it is used for exercises like a hip extension or side leg raise. While looking for ankle weights we need to make sure to buy the weights which are comfortable when we put it on and have some extra pocket space to add more weight if/when required


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