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Reduced price! 300 Smartphone Holder - Black

Made for carrying your smartphone on your bike.
Fits onto the bike stem, your wrist or arm.

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CompatibilityFits smartphones up to a max size of 13 x 7 cm.
VersatilityEasily fits on the bike stem, your wrist or arm (using a rip-tab).
Water repellentWater-repellent: protects from moderate rain.
Tactile efficiencyTransparent window lets you easily control your smartphone's touchscreen.
Audio efficiencyLets sound through (calls and music). Has 2 earphone ports.
Content protectionThe neoprene material offers good protection for your smartphone.
User comfortNeoprene strap, comfortable to wear on your arm or wrist.
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

Touch-sensitive window lets you use your smartphone's touchscreen.
Has 2 ports for earphones.
Information / Concept / Technology
Main fabric : 100.0% Polyamide (PA)


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Good size, check headphone jack before purchasing
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Used for 2 to 8 weeks
I purchased this so that I could strap my phone to the headset to follow an online map and maybe listen to some music. My mobile is an Samsung S5 mini and the headphone jack is located on the top right, the strap has pre-cut holes for headphones be they're only found on the top left and bottom of the strap so I'm unable to use my headphones. I've now snipped a small hole in the strap to accomadate my phone, fingers crossed it'll be OK.

It's a good strap and holds well, can also be used to strap to your arm which is a nice surprise!
Simple design but beware if you have an Android!
Used for 1 week or less
This looked like a winner in the shop. I wanted a basic but secure phone holder for my stem, that wouldn't ruin the lines of my bike, and fit an 'average' sized phone. Plus it's affordable, easily comes on and off, and doubles as an armband holder - great!

To attach to the bike you have to wrap the strap around the back of the stem and then along the bottom - this stops movement in both directions. The strap could be longer though, and on my stem the velcro end of the strap only just secures to the case (luckily there is a middle velcro bit too so most of the strain is taken by this part - sounds weird but when you use it you'll see what I mean).

I can't vouch for whether it stays done up as I never got that far - because the case has to be done up tightly to stop it from moving, the sides of the case push on the side power button of my phone - meaning the phone goes into a state of constant turn off/on. It's basically unusable. I have tried with two Android phones (a Nexus 5 and a Moto G) and it's the same on both.

If your phone has the power button on the top, or maybe a hard case to 'shelter' the power button, then this case might work for you. Check thoroughly first and if possible try in-store. I am going to persevere with mine, and may fashion a crude back panel to stop the case pushing on the phone.
Lightweight, simple, flexible
Presses side buttons of phone, not secure enough
Response of the brand
Thank you for your feeeback. Your findings will be forwarded on to the product designer.
Indeed this is a cheap but effective way of attaching a smartphone to your bike. Many holders such as this which cover the whole phone tend to be a bit awkward when attempting to use the side buttons. It may be better to keep your screen active when cycling if you need frequent access and over short distances should have little impact on battery life.
Peter Lazarus UK Cycling Market Manager DECATHLON
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