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Made In : China

Made for The badminton advanced player looking for Power and Durability
BST 910 string guage 0.69MM iwhich is made of multifilament material . The string has good combination between power and durability.

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PowerThe string guage 0.69 with multifilament material
DurabilityMultifilament features a super-fine diameter for high durability
User comfortString itself has good ability to reduce the shock absorption
Warranty2 Years
Information / Concept / Technology
Packaging : 100.0% Cellulose Structure : 100.0% Polyamide

Product test
Toxicology, strength and resistance tests are conducted for more than 50 hours in our laboratories within our TechCenter. The product is then tested on badminton courts.


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Good one
I used it with 26 lbs on yonex nanoray survives more than 2month and lasted the repulsion for days. Earlier i was using bg65 titanium and bg66 ultimax which used to survive 45 days average. Unfortunately My 70dx broke during game and string still not damaged. I am going to use this one or 199 priced "durable type" on my voltric force racket
Worst experience case of badminton wire.
I don't want to give even a single star to this product. Because It's been worse experience of my life in case of badminton wire. This new wire even just couldn't sustain for one week And got broken with in just few days of play. This is seriously ridiculous.
Response of the brand
Hi Om Prakash,

We are really sorry that BST910 Badminton strings didn’t meet your expectations.

We would like to inform that BST910 Badminton string is a multifilament string with a gauge size of 0.69 MM and is meant for power.
We usually do not receive such feedback for this product.

Since you have faced this issue Kindly share some details with us for us to serve you better :

1. Racket used – Pictures would be preferable.
2. String tension used.
3. Where was the stringing done.

This issue can also arise due to wrong stringing or high string tension then recommended.
We are waiting for your reply in order to help you better.

Gopal krishan
Original and this string has a lot of difference
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
We need the same string which comes with the Original Bat.
this is superb quality product
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
it is very good have this type of quality products
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