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Wooden Balance Board - Diameter 39.5 cm / Height 7.5 cm

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We created this balance board for balance and proprioception work as well as physical therapy exercises.



Core work, standing exercises, squats... let your imagination guide you!



It holds onto the floor, will you be able to hang on?

Balanced workout

Balanced workout

Adapt the instability level to your progress.

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WHY WORK ON YOUR BALANCETo help you stay grounded, of course! And that's not even a joke. Balance is very important for all your sports activities. It's quite obvious when it comes to sports like skiing, trail running or kitesurfing: for these sports, good balance can keep you from falling or getting injured (especially by strengthening your ankles). Our balance board engages 70% of the lower body muscles. Not bad, right?
NEED SOME IDEAS FOR EXERCISES?We've got loads of ideas for you! Just copy and paste the link below into your internet browser:$25c29b8f33a95c322fb7f187c2b9e3c6/BALANCE%20BOARD.jpg
What is proprioception?Proprioception is your ability to perceive where your body is in space, whether consciously or not. It uses numerous receptors that tell your brain what position your various body parts are in. It affects your balance and reflexes. The good news is that you can improve your mobility by regularly doing exercises!
A FEW TIPSIf you find it hard to balance, grab a gym bar or hold onto a wall. Try to let go for longer each time to see how much you've improved! To practise safely, we recommend placing the balance board on something such as a floor mat for more traction.
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