700 Mountain Bike Front Mudguard



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Made for providing protection from tyre spray on your mountain bike rides.
A simple and effective front mud guard which fixes onto suspension fork steerer tubes of all diameters .

Non-messyeffectively protects the front of the cyclist, from the chest up to the face.
CompatibilityFor 24" to 29" mountain bikes . Compatible with most telescopic forks
Easy assembly / dismantlingAttaches using tools. 2 removable blades - easy to attach and remove
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

Compatibility with the forks.
This mudguard comes with 2 expanders allowing it to be mounted on steerer tubes with a diameter of between 19.2 and 24.2 mm, and 29 and 35 mm.
Protection from dirt.
This mudguard efficiently protects the rider against tyre spray on the chest and face. Although, you should be aware that you will always get dirty when mountain biking in humid and muddy conditions.
Dimensions and weight
total length: 52 cm blade width: 8.5 cm weight: 165 g