TR990 26 Kids' Tennis Racket - Black/Orange



MRP : ₹ 2,999

Made In : China

Made for young advanced to expert tennis players between 1.41 m and 1.50 m tall.
Perfect for your child's first competitive matches, offering a good balance of control and power.
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HandlingIts weight (245 g) makes swinging the racket easier.
ForgivenessThe large (645cm²) and robust (100% graphite) frame mitigates errors
PowerIts head heavy balance provides a good level of power to your stroke
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

245 g
Child's height
141-150 cm
Racket size
Head size
Its 645 cm² head makes for a very forgiving and very powerful racket.
The 33 cm balance makes the TR 990 JR both easy to handle and powerful.
Child size141-150 cm

Racket size26

ColourBlack / orange
Information / Concept / Technology
Racket Frame : 55.0% Carbon fiber (CF), Racket Frame : 45.0% Epoxy, Racket Frame : 0.0% Wood Racket String : 100.0% Polyamide Racket handle : 100.0% Polyurethane (PU), Racket handle : 0.0% Polypropylene (PP) Bumper Grommet : 100.0% Polyamide 6 (PA6) Grip : 100.0% Polyurethane (PU) Racket end cap : 100.0% Polyamide 11 (PA11)

Our certified trainers loved the TR990 for young competitive-level tennis players.

Product test
The TR 990 Junior has been tested against various other products on the market. The tests highlighted the racket's excellent ease of handling and power.

Stockage tips
Avoid major temperature fluctuations.


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Used for More than 1 year
I'm a racquet snob
Used for 3 to 6 months
I'm a bit of a racquet snob (as you can tell by my spelling of what's generally referred to now as a 'racket'), and when my son quickly needed a new one, I was a little wary of an 'unknown' (to me) brand.
However, it was important I let my son choose his own 'weapon for smash destruction' and he liked this one.
It's a good weight - enough for some power on the ground strokes but not too cumbersome for volleys.
He plays regularly and pretty hard, so when the strings went after just 2 weeks I was disappointed... but I was prepared to foot the bill myself. However, staff at Giltbrook were great and when I told them, they actually provided a new one at no cost - one of the advantages of Decathlon loyalty membership and buying the Decathlon brand products, I guess.
Since then (a few months now) my boy has continued to play three times a week with no further problems and still likes his racket. And I'm pleased with my purchase of his RACQUET.
Good quality and build. Excellent customer service
Short life on strings (but staff fixed this free)
Good racket
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
Comfy to use
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