Air Seconds 4.1 xl Family Camping Tent | 4-Person



MRP : ₹ 19,999

Made In : China

Made for 4 people itinerant family camping who want a large tent that's easy to assemble/disassemble, 1 bedroom and a large living room.
4-person tent, easy and quick to put up: 1 large bedroom and a large stand-up living room.

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CapacityHigh living room 6.5 m² with ground sheet, bedroom 210 x 280 cm.
Easy assembly / dismantlingEasy, quick, all-in-one inflatable structure installation.
Heat reductionLined roof above the living area for ventilation. Anti-mosquito window.
DurabilityResists wind up to 60km/h (Force 7): validated in wind tunnels on rotating plate
Easy transportTransport handles Cover 75 X 30 x 32 cm 72 litres Weight: 12.3 kg
WaterproofTested in a shower at 200 mm water / hour / m² (tropical rain) and field tests.
Environmental impactLifecycle comparison: sleeping tent -
Warranty2 yrs. Repairs: All our tents can be repaired in the workshop of your usual Decathlon.
Technical Information

Living room
Living room 6.5 m² and 1.90 m high, comes with a groundsheet that flattens out around the door. Anti-mosquito window. Pockets on the outside of the bedroom.
"All in 1 inflatable structure (bedroom and pre-assembled flysheet). 3 inflation points.Sandwich the 4 corners with the" V "sardines and then inflate."
Lined living room flysheet to ventilate and limit condensation. Fly screens on the windows.
Wind resistance
We test all our tents in a wind tunnel on a turntable to expose each side of the tent to the wind. A well-assembled tent with all the guy ropes properly deployed around the tent should remain habitable with a wind speed measured at 60 km/h near the ground .
Like all Quechua tents, special care has been given to the waterproofing, which has been verified in lab tests WHOLE TENT tested under 200 litres of water/hour/sqm (200 mm of rain per hour!) and on field tests. -- Double roof made of polyester coated with polyurethane 2,000 mm - Seams sealed by heat-bonded strips - Groundsheet made of polyethylene 195 g/m², 5,000 mm of resistance.
Poles, pegs
Inflatable arches: structure of inflatable arches in 2 layers: 1 TPU inner tube, 1 x 600 denier polyester cover (equivalent to a backpack base). Aluminium bar at the living room to stiffen the structure. Tent pegs: Excellent twisting resistance (6mm diameter steel).
Dimensions and weight, folded dimensions
1 bedroom 240 cm x 280 cm. Living room 6.5 m² with a maximum height of 190 cm. Storage cover 75 cm x 30 cm x 32 cm Weight: 12.3 kg
All our tents are guaranteed for 2 years in normal use (your loyalty card or receipt is proof of purchase). In case of problems, have your tent examined in your nearest Decathlon store.
A score to compare products' environmental impact
The product's environmental impacts are calculated over its entire lifecycle using various indicators. An overall ABCDE rating is provided to help you easily identify products with the best environmental performance by comparing products of the same type (T-shirts, trousers, backpacks...). Decathlon is a voluntary player in this environmental information approach. For more info:





Information / Concept / Technology
Double roof : 100.0% Polyester (PES) Inner fabric : 100.0% Polyester (PES) Pole : 55.0% Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), Pole : 40.0% Polyester (PES), Pole : 5.0% Aluminium Floor mat : 100.0% Polyéthylène (PE) Carry bag : 100.0% Polyester (PES)

Product test
The waterproofness of QUECHUA tents is validated, for the whole tent, under 200 litres of water/hour/m² (200mm rain per hour) for 4 hours. The water column test (= mm schmerbers) measures just the impermeability of the fabric. Our test allows us to prevent any water entering via the seams, flaps, openings, zips, etc. Wind resistance: We test all of our tents in a wind tunnel on a rotating plate to expose each side of the tent to the wind.Tested in real conditions.

Stockage tips
Storage: after use, or cleaning, store tent only when completely dry to prevent odour and mould growth.


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Really poor
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
We used this tent bank holiday weekend in Devon what a disappointing experience the tent couldn’t handle the rain leaked through the tent soaking all our stuff the front door did not hold the rain out , that flappy bit at the front just made it worst we had to put towels to stop water coming in ruined our holiday our old tent was better then that and it was 10 years old didn’t let a drop of water in the only reason we upgraded cause it was quicker to put up but I think I would like my old tent back absolutely disgusting want my money back
Response of the brand

Hello Frazer,

I am sorry to hear of the problems that you encountered with this tent, all of our tents are shower tested whilst on rotating plates inside a wind tunnel to ensure that they can handle harsh weather conditions. They are also tested in real life conditions for many weeks by our design teams to ensure weather resistance and usability. It seems as if the tent that you purchased may have a defect so I would recommend taking it to your local store for a full refund. Many Thanks, 
Joe Broadhead | UK Trekking Leader
Good for the price
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
We bought the air seconds 4.1 for camping in the UK and used it in September 2018 experiencing a range of good and bad weather. The tent is fully watertight and we really like the roll and tuck windows. During strong wind it was necessary to drop the back vent flap as it was getting too cold at night. Really like the roof vent in the front of the tent as it stop condensation. It would have been nice to have a side door because everything is on view with only the front door and a mesh insert for this would be useful to sit inside without having to close the tent completely. There should also be an opening for gas pipe access as you have to go under the front fly sheet and this leaves a gap. Because the ground sheet isn't sewn in at the front we had a cat access the tent at night and with 2 dogs in the bedroom it got a entertaining. The only real let down is the groundsheet it aught to be sewn in but this obviously would increase the cost. The real issue is that it has a coating grey in the front and black in the bedroom if you get small stones under the ground sheet and walk over the area or move your chairs over them the coating comes off revealing the white plastic so you really do need a fleece of "carpet" over the main areas to protect it. I am also not sure if it is breathable and some campsites demand this. That having been said for the money this is a good tent and is easy for 1 person to put up, there are quite a few pegs though and the manual pump also needs a bit of stamina. I packed up on my own without any trouble.
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
Brilliant thanks so easy to erect and didn't have to refill tubes over our 11 night stay saw us through all kinds of weather from red hot sunshine and extremely windy thunder storms. Perfect size for 2 adults who like a bit more space, but would be ideal for 2 adults with 2 small children. Highly recommend.
Love my tent
Used for 3 to 6 months
I absolutely Love this tent, so easy to erect with just one person, loads of space inside, or course it rained like hell one of the days for 8 hours a bit of water came in the front entrance but the tent didn't shift at all, so easy to put down and pack away.
This tent is probably my best purchase this year and will last for many years, I no longer have tent envy. It's like a little palace with some fairy lights and throws added .
May I have many more Happy camping Trips
A lovely tent in perfect weather
Used for 1 week or less
This tent is amazing for the price, but only if using in perfect weather conditions. We unfortunately experienced a very windy trip with a single day full of rain. The front door and panels to the side of it all gape when caught by the wind, rising up to a foot above ground level which is less than pleasant for when you are wanting to sit in the front area. This gape also allows the rain in which left areas of the tent in 2 inches of water. The tent was completely waterproof, we had no leaks from the seams, and the beams stayed in place in the wind. So yes this is the perfect tent for perfect weather, not so in some of Britain’s finer weather.
Great tent
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
This tent has everything you need and amazing value for money for a air tent the ease of pitching is simplistic can easily pitch by one person if needed to , would highly recommend this tent
Brilliant tent
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
This tent is wonderful. It's so easy to erect and take down, and I would advise watching the videos available online before first use. We've just survived three days and nights in mainly rain and wind, and there was no sign at all of any kind of leakage or instability. It's a compact but roomy tent, and we really appreciated the amount of ventilation, which prevented the stuffy feeling you sometimes have. If we could make one alteration it would be to have some kind of front porch, as the unprotected slope at the front means you can't have the door open when it's raining. We got around this by using the Quecha tent tarp, which we already had, as a small front awning, and that was fine. We would definitely recommend it.
Air seconds 4.1
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
I love this tent. We bought it for island holidays without our camper van and for its ability to set up by one person. I have set it up myself as my husband busied himself elsewhere and it is easy to set up after watching the online video.
The bedroom will fit 4 on single or 2 double air beds and is spacious for 2.
I love it and would recommend
Excellent value for money.
While most tents fell mine survived.
Used for More than 1 year
I work away at festivals and events meaning I spend half my year in a tent...this tent is spacious with standing room, and really easy to put up and take down single handed! Recently my tent was tested to the extreme with 50mph gusts and torrential rain...while the majority of tents collapsed my tent stood strong with only needing a readjustment to the guide ropes. The pegs took allot of damage but they held! A friend baught the cheaper pole version of this tent and the poles snapped in the pressure of the Gale force winds, so it was definitely worth the extra money I spent!
Used for 1 week or less
Used this tent for the a weekend what a disaster. through poor design the rain comes in through air vent in the front part of tent resulting in a pool of water in our seats ruining 1 heater and 1 mobile phone. The back part collapses in the wind, there was a tent the same as ours on site and they had exactly the same trouble. Returned the product still waiting for refund and email. Really disappointed as dealt with Decathlon and really pleased with the service.
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