Arpenaz 100 Shirt Khaki




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Arpenaz 100 Shirt Khaki

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Made for hiking during the day
Sports style suitable for lowland hiking: neither too tight nor too loose.
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Freedom of movementThe shape of the shirt guarantees great comfort when hiking.
Quick dryingThis shirt dries very rapidly thanks to its semi-synthetic fabric.
Odour controlThe material allows to wear the shirt several days without bad smells.
PocketsThe chest pocket zips up to keep belongings secure.
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

Why choose a shirt over a t-shirt?
The shirt is made from a WARP AND WEFT material. Quite different from KNIT used for t-shirts for example, warp and weft does not stick to the skin. Opting for a shirt rather than a t-shirt ensures greater air circulation.
A shirt that creases less
The fabric of the shirt creases less than a classic fabric. So you can take it out of your backpack and find that it is less creased than another shirt in your wardrobe.
Fitting of the shirt
We wanted a fit neither too ample nor too adjusted: The just finally cut guarantees a nice look but also and especially an ease in all situations.