Right Handed Boomerang Soft Blue

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Designed for right-handed newbie throwers to use recreationally in light wind.



A short throw (15 to 20 m). Boomerang that is easy to catch. Tri-blade model.

Impact protection

Impact protection

Lightweight and flexible, it is perfect for kids older than 8 years.



Its shape and density ensure an excellent throw outside.

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Fly qualityWe carefully designed the weight and shape of the soft boomerang to make a foam model that is easy to use. The shape of the blades affects its rotation speed and boomerang trajectory. This makes it easier to train.
This boomerang is available in right-handed and left-handed versionsLike all boomerangs, the B-soft has a leading edge and a trailing edge. For this reason, a right-handed boomerang cannot be thrown by a left-handed thrower. The model is therefore available in right-handed and left-handed versions. The leading edge should always be in front in the direction of the throw.
How to throw a boomerangHold the boomerang with the coloured side towards you and position it PERPENDICULARLY to the ground, in a vertical position. Slightly tilt the boomerang 10 to 15 degrees. Face the wind and then turn 45° to the right (right-handed) or left (left-handed). Please note:DO NOT THROW THE BOOMERANG FLAT. Beginners will often try to throw the boomerang flat. This will only send it straight up and then back down.
FeaturesWeight:65 grams Blade dimensions: 16.5 cm
Shock absorbing foam materialThe foam material makes it more comfortable to catch and harmless.
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