MRP : ₹ 7,999

Made In : China

Made for short journeys around town (less than 2 km) for people between 1.45 and 1.85 m tall.
The MID 9 scooter has front suspension and big wheels. What's more, the handlebar brake offers better speed control and is easy to use.
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Brake controlHandlebar brake for better speed control.
CushioningFront suspension to better absorb the vibrations of the road.
Glide performance2 large 175 mm PU rubber wheels. ABEC 5 bearings. Rear wheel brake
Ease of useQuick-fold system with double security.Adjustable height.
Easy transport5 kg: lightweight and compact, take it with you everywhere.
Warranty2 years excluding wear parts (wheels, bearings, brakes, suspension, grip and handles)
Technical Information

Who is the MID 9 scooter designed for?
For anyone between about 1.45 and 1.85 m tall. So plenty of people! You can adjust the height of the MID 9 scooter. It's also kitted out for riding in town (journeys of up to 2 km). For longer journeys we recommend scooters from Oxelo's Town range. In terms of the maximum load, it can be used by anyone weighing up to 100 kg.
Is the MID 9 scooter suitable for town?
Yes, three times over! Scooter journeys are on average three times faster than walking. The MID 9 is kitted out for comfort: front and rear mudguards to protect from splashes in wet weather, brake on the handlebar, suspension, and large wheels (175 mm) to get past obstacles such as kerbs.
If it's raining, will your trousers get soaked?
The MID 9 scooter has suspension and a front and rear mudguard to protect you from splashes in wet weather.
What safety precautions should you take?
You should always wear protective equipment (helmet, knee pads and elbow pads) when scootering. Most serious accidents take place during the first few months of use: spend time learning the basics so that you can control your speed and brake in emergency situations in all weather conditions (particularly on wet terrain).
The scooter complies with EN 14619. What does the standard cover?
The EN 14619 standard defines the safety requirements and test methods for roller sports equipment.
How should you maintain your scooter?
Check the condition of your scooter before and after each use, as well as its ability to brake properly, and make sure there is no abnormal play, cracks, or sharp edges. The wheels and bearings are wearing parts. Remember to check them and change them if necessary. You can repair and extend the lifespan of your scooter with spare parts that can be ordered through your local Decathlon store's Workshop.
How are our products tested?
All of our scooters have been lab tested. These tests check compliance with the European standards for scooters, as well as looking for wear. For example, one of our tests involves a machine folding the scooter 10,000 times to check its folding system. As well as lab tests we do field tests - some measured and others based on the testers' opinions - to really put the product through its paces. The result is a tested, proven product.
Information / Concept / Technology
Structure : 100.0% Aluminium 6061 Handle : 100.0% Rubber - Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR)

Product test
This scooter is in compliance with the European Standard for sport scooters EN14619.

Stockage tips
Store in a dry place out of the sun.


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Excellent scooter
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
Our grandson is delighted with his new scooter
Small size adult can ride it too
Used for 1 week or less
Not bad in handling for adults. Smooth in turn and nice feel in handle brake.
Light weight when compared to those adult scooters.
Good quality for a cheaper price
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
That's the cheapest scooter I found with a very good quality. It also has front brake.
Used for 1 week or less
I bought it yestarday. Im really happy with it, exepet 2 things. the brake is not enough sensitive... you have to press it very hard if you want to stop.
secend thing is the kick stand. this is absolutely a joke. if you want the scooter to stand you need to put it in a very specific pose so it won't fall. and if you touch it even gently, it falls. not mencioning that i've put a chain lock in the scooter and now it can'v even stand for a seceond.
Beautiful, strong and fast
Used for 1 week or less
I bought this for my 10 years old girl, she was using mid 7 before, but had problem with the release lever loosened everytime. Still have it at home. This one look more stronger and I highly recommend it.
Great scooter
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
My daughter loves it. Fast and with good build quality. Little sidestand works really well!
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
This scooter is very comfortable and my child is very happy with it
Oxelo Scooter
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
I bought this for my 8 year old son to take on holiday with us as we were going to a caravan park and I knew he'd hate walking everywhere. The scooter is very sturdy, easy to put together and looks great. After a week of use at the caravan park we noticed that the wheels had started to go misshaped which was quite disappointing as it hadnt been used as much as we thought it would be. We went to our local Decathlon to see about replacement wheels and to our surprise they only do 1 set of wheels which are black with white on them. This is rather annoying as my son picked this one because of the blue, my other son also has an Oxelo scooter (the UK flag/Union Jack) which has the flag on the wheels but to replace these wheels we'd have to again get the black ones with white on them! Bit daft as you can buy the replacement grip and handles with the right colour for these scooters so why not the wheels to go with them. As well as this there is a service on the website for replacing wheels, I'm assuming this is done in store however when I checked this isnt available anywhere in the UK. Not the best company to buy things from, especially if you have an issue with their products as I cant even contact anyone about this.
Response of the brand
Dear Lindsey,
Thank you for your opinion about Oxelo Mid 9 Scooter. Indeed 175mm replacement wheel is available only in black colour. I have already sent your feedback about this to Oxelo scooters Product Manager. The service of wheels replacement is available in all Decathlon stores in Workshop department. We'll make sure to correct this information on the website. I propose you to ring your local Decathlon store or our Customer Loyalty team (02070643000) to find a solution suitable for you. 
Once again apologies for any inconvenience caused. I hope to see you soon at Decathlon and to have a better experiences.
Magda, Oxelo Sport Leader
Used for 7 to 12 months
I have been using this for a long time now and its amazing! Easy to use and learn! I recommend this for people which love wondering around town or in the park. One of my negative comments is how sometimes the scooters stopper (the thing that makes the scooter stay still when not using) falled and it makes a terrible sound and im scared i might break it! But i love everything else ^.^
Response of the brand
Thank you for your opinion about Mid 9 Scooter. I am very happy to hear you are satisfied with your purchase. The kickstand you are referring to might just need tightening. If you are not confident doing it yourself I recommend you to contact your local Decathlon Store Workshop who will be more than happy to assist.
Regards,Magda, Oxelo Sport Leader
Person found this answer helpful
Joy Wheels!
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
The product is amazing and really joyful for my kid. The finishing, design, look and colour combinations are truly a professional example of engineering. It’s safe and easily carrying to other destinations. Best thing to keep away children from TV and Mobile. Liked and Loved it !
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