Women's Cotton Gym Legging Salto - Navy Blue

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They're THE must-have basic leggings. They've been designed by our team to fit seamlessly into your workout routine or your daily life.



8% elastane so you can move freely at all times.



92% cotton for unrivalled comfort and softness!

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SizeUK4 / 2XS (L28), UK4 / 2XS (L30), UK22-24/4XL(L29), UK4-6 / XS (L28), UK4-6 / XS (L30), UK6-8 / S (L29), UK6-8 / S (L31), UK10 / M (L29), UK10 / M (L31), UK12-14 / L (L29), UK12-14 / L (L31), UK14-16 / XL(L29), UK14-16 / XL(L31), UK20-22/3XL(L31), UK22-24/4XL(L31), UK18/ 2XL (L29), UK18/ 2XL (L31), UK20-22/3XL(L29)
LEGGINGS INITIALLY DESIGNED FOR FITNESS... THAT ARE PERFECT FOR YOUR DAILY LIFE!From early-morning toning sessions to work meetings, brisk lunchtime walks, a quick nip to the shops to stock up the fridge, and quality time with friends or family: how about if you could do all that in just one comfortable, stylish outfit? Well that's exactly the challenge our brand set itself: blurring the boundaries between your activities by helping you shift from one to another without changing your look.
DID YOU SAY COMFORTABLE?Imagine feeling at ease and looking stylish in spite of madly trying to juggle work, family, exercise, and everything else alongside them. Does this sound like your wildest dreams? Ours too. We realised that, as clothing designers, we were the best placed people to bring this mad desire to life. And just like that, our range was born! All of the items are comfortable, but that doesn't stop them being stylish too. They're just as nice to wear as they are to look at!
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