Gym Mini Foam Roller Length 38 cm Diameter 13 cm - Purple

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Our design team created this mini foam roller for all your Pilates workouts and self-massages.



A single accessory for a total body workout!

User comfort

User comfort

13 cm diameter to do all your exercises in the right conditions!

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Why use this Pilates roller?There are various ways of using this roller to vary and intensify your Pilates exercises. For example, you can lie down on it, balancing on the centre of it to work your deep core muscles. Place it under your hands to make your planks harder. Finally, place your feet on it during hip raises to add instability and work your transverse abdominal muscle harder.
I DON'T KNOW WHICH EXERCISES TO DO. HAVE YOU GOT ANY TIPS?"We've got loads of ideas for you! Just copy and paste the link below into your internet browser:$4c4f804aa05803c10f7a7255663de7fd/DOMYOS%20FOAM%20ROLLER%20%20LONGUEUR%2038cm.jpg You can download the free poster to your smartphone or print it off. You'll find a dozen different exercises, developed in partnership with certified personal trainers, that you can do with your foam roller.
How to choose your foam rollerOur two rollers are made of the same high-density foam and guarantee the same durability. If you want to throw your foam roller in your bag to take to your next Pilates class, the small roller (38 cm long and 13 cm in diameter) is perfect. The large size (90 cm long and 15 cm diameter) can be used to do even more exercises, and the longer length provides more support along the spine.
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