Swimming Cap Silicone 500 Print Blue Red

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Our design teams developed this swim cap for swimmers looking for a good fit.

Anatomic design

Anatomic design

Stretchable one size cap. Suitable for adults and kids.



This cap is not watertight!

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WATER RESISTANCECAUTION! NOT ALL SWIMMING CAPS ARE 100% WATERPROOF! Water seeps under the cap, especially around the ears. This cap protects the hair from splashes.
CHOOSE THE RIGHT CAPMESH CAP: Easy to put on, comfortable. Not too tight, ideal for beginners, practical for use in spas. Suitable for aquagym, because it produces less heat. SILICONE MESH CAP: Easy to slip on and comfortable, better grip, ideal for intermediate swimmers. SILICONE CAP: Better grip, better glide, ideal for advanced swimmers, for training and competitions. Caution: as a consequence, it is not so easy to put on.
FITTINGHighly extensible and stretch-resistant silicone swim cap, but that does not withstand the slightest snag. Therefore, it is advisable to take great care with fingernails and hair clips when putting on the cap. This video explains how to put on the cap: If the cap gets stuck on your hair, we recommend dusting the cap with talcum powder before putting it on.
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