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Decathlon Sports India - Warranty


  1. On most products of Decathlon sold online, you can enjoy a 2 year warranty while some products may offer a 5 to 10 year warranty as well
  2. The warranty holds good for products that are used within the prescribed norms. Those that are not eligible for warranty are:
  3. Products that have surpasses the warranty period
  4. Damages due to misuse of product
  5. Incidental damage to the product
  6. Products that do not have serial/chassis number (Bikes and gym equipment)
  7. Malfunction of digital product due to user settings
  8. Negligence and improper care in maintenance of the product
  9. Products that come under the category of natural wear and tear (tires, racket guts, bearings, wheels, etc)

Warranty on Bicycles

  1. Terms of Warranty
  2. - The warranty falls within the scope of a legal framework that differs from country to country and between custom zones. It is always the legal system that applies to the legal minimum. B'TWIN's contractual warranty is applicable when it is more advantageous.
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  4. Warranty is applicable against manufacturing defects subject to usage and maintenance.
  5. - The claim will be accepted only if the cycle is serviced and maintained well. For your warranty to be valid, the free warranty service must be done at the authorized service center within the duration communicated at the time of sale.
  6. - Your warranty will be void if the bike is not serviced and maintained well.
  7. - The cycle must be used for the right purpose that it is built for, failing which the warranty will again be void.
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  9. What is not covered under the warranty
  10. - No warranty on parts subject to wear and tear - Tyres and Tubes, Drivetrain - Chain, cassette, crankset, derailleurs, Brake pads, Rotor, Puncture, braze-ons on the bike ( bottle cage, fork-carrier, rear carrier ), and non-metal parts like grips, brake pad, tire, tube, saddle, etc.
  11. - Physical accidental damage or self-inflicted damage of any part
  12. - Paint fading - a natural event without a safety concern
  13. - Damage caused to plastic and rubber parts due to improper storage, eg keeping the cycle in the hot sun, rain, etc.
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  15. The following list summarises the main bike components and accessories and their warranty lifespan.
  16. - Lifetime warranty on Frame (Steel & Aluminium), Rigid fork (Steel & Aluminium) and Stem/Handlebars
  17. - 5 years warranty on Carbon frame and parts
  18. - 2 years warranty on Suspension (Coil, Oil, Air), Saddle post / seat clamp, Wheel, Tyre and Inner tube, Paint and decals, Drive train, Brake, Headset, Saddle, Pedal, Lights, Bells, Carrier, Mudguard and Kickstands
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  20. To clarify and for reference only, the following list summarises the main bike components and occurrences of wear and tear that are not subject to warranty.
  21. - Electric cycle - Battery wear and tear. Motor bearing and electronic component wear and tear
  22. - Suspension (Coil, Oil, Air) - Seals and sliding rings wear and tear, Bleeding hydraulic system
  23. - Wheel - Buckling, Bearing wear and tear
  24. - Tyre and Inner tube - Puncture, wear and tear
  25. - Paint and decals - Scratches or deterioration in use
  26. - Drive train - Pulleys, cogs, sprockets, chains, cables and housing wear and tear
  27. - Brake - Cables, housings, brake shoes or brake pads wear and tear, Bleeding hydraulic circuit
  28. - Headset - Ball bearings wear and tear
  29. - Saddle - Coating wear and tear due to friction
  30. - Pedal - Ball bearings wear and tear
  31. *Lifetime of Bike is considered to be 10 years
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Warranty on Cricket Products

  1. 2 Year warranty on Cricket Bat Handles
  2. 2 Year warranty on Cricket Kit (On Bat warranty is only applicable on the Handle)
  3. 2 Year warranty on all Apparel, Shoes & Cricket Set (On Bat warranty is only applicable on the Handle)
  4. No warranty on Leather or Tennis Ball

Warranty on Clothing

  1. Most apparels have a 2 year warranty policy
  2. Warranty is ensured on the quality of the fabric, zippers and buttons
  3. NO WARRANTY on induced tears, fading due to detergents, a leaking phenomenon, etc

Warranty on Swimming Products

  1. 2 year warranty on the Quality of the product, stitching and color
  2. NO WARRANTY on physical induced damage, inappropriate usage or negligence

Warranty on Shoes

  1. 2 years warranty on the stitching, color fading, sole pasting and in case of a manufacturing defect.
  2. NO WARRANTY on laces and mesh of the shoe
  3. NO WARRANTY on physical induced damaged, inappropriate usage or negligence

Warranty on Roller Skates and Skateboards

  1. 2 year warranty on body parts, wheels, brackets and pedals
  2. NO WARRANTY on any induced damage to the wheels, brackets, pedals, wheel bearings, brake blocks, handles and other consumables

Warranty on Fitness/Gym Equipment

  1. 2 year warranty on exercise bikes (wearable parts), elliptical trainers (wearable parts), treadmills (vulnerable motor parts). muscle exercise machines and consumable parts
  2. 5 year warranty on the framework for all the above mentioned products
  3. NO WARRANTY on screws, plastic parts, wires, plugs and batteries

Warranty on Seating Product

  1. 2 year warranty on quality of the material or fabric used
  2. NO WARRANTY if weight endured is more than maximum load, excessive use of knobs( if any), man-made or induced physical damage

Warranty on Electronics

  1. 2 year warranty on most of the electronic gadgets
  2. NO WARRANTY on improper usage, submersion in water (unless otherwise specified), severe impact, physical damage
  3. NO WARRANTY on batteries, belts and buckles

Warranty on Racquet Sport Products

  1. There is no warranty on the breakage of the Badminton racket's frame. However, if the pasting between the racket shaft and handle comes out, it will be covered under warranty.
  2. No Warranty on Wear and tear of balls, Grips and Shuttlecocks
  3. No warranty can be claimed on physical or induced damage
  4. No Warranty on guts, sweat bands and Towels
  5. 2 year warranty on - Shoes and Apparel (refer details mentioned above)

Warranty on Cricket Equipment and Accessories (FLX)

  1. 2 years warranty on Bats and Balls
  2. Refer Clothing, Apparel and Shoes warranty terms above**

Other Warranty Details

  1. Warranty on Sleeping Bags - 5 year warranty on sleeping bags
  2. Warranty on Backpacks - 10 year warranty on all hiking and trekking backpacks except the ultra compact backpacks & 2 year warranty on the other backpacks
  3. Warranty on Golf Kits - 2 year warranty on golf kits and apparel & NO WARRANTY on Golf Balls
  4. All warranties applicable on the product as of the date of purchase shall be the warranty enforced on the product during its lifecycle.
  5. If you have provided your personal contact information (Mobile Number or Email ID) at the time of purchase in the stores, you can avail the warranty benefits without a physical copy of the invoice. At the time of availing the warranty benefits, an OTP will be generated to your personal contact information (Mobile Number or Email ID). The same will be processed only upon providing the valid OTP.
  6. In the event you do not provide your personal contact information (Mobile Number or Email ID) at the time of purchase in the Stores, a physical copy of the invoice is mandatory to avail the warranty benefits.