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The activity of stand-up paddling (SUP) involves standing on a big board and paddling through the water. Similar to traditional surfing, but with the rider standing up straight on the board and propelling themselves forward with a paddle.
The SUP board is often broader, longer, and more buoyant than a traditional surfboard, which improves stability and makes it easier for the rider to maintain balance. Both flat water, such as lakes, rivers, and bays, as well as ocean waves are suitable for SUP.
Stand up paddling is a fantastic all-around exercise that strengthens your core and helps with balance and coordination. Also, it is a peaceful opportunity to take in the outdoors and discover fresh waterways
Stand-up paddleboarding stands apart in how accessible the sport is to any and all watersport enthusiasts, with a quick learning curve to become a seasoned paddler. The sport can be enjoyed on flat oceans, lakes, canals, rivers, inland waterways and surf zones. And we’ve got the gear to cater to all that and more.
Whether you’re stand-up paddleboarding on a river, lake or sea, also impacts the rules you must follow. • When river stand-up paddleboarding, always wear a quick release waist leash. • You cannot use a stand-up paddle board in swimming areas or designated beach areas unless your board is recreational beach gear. • You cannot cross port entrances and exit channels. At sea, red (right) and green (left) cylindrical buoys mark these channels. • Do not pass in front of another sea vessel that has restricted manoeuvrability like tugboats or sailboats