Adding a simple run to your daily routine can help you boost your energy, and chip away fatigue. So, shouldn't such an important activity be performed with focus? We, at Decathlon, design running accessories to make your workout more convenient and easy, letting you concentrate on your workout so you can make the most of it. 

Decathlon brings you a wide range of running accessories to simplify your workout sessions. Explore our products -  hydration backpacks, hydration bottles, smartphone armbands, caps and more - at Decathlon's online store.


Often, we underestimate the apparel and socks while running, which are highly important to avoid injury, grime, and discomfort.

Keep your toes, heels, and ankles just as protected and snug as the rest of your body with our range of high-performance socks that offer ventilation, support, and great comfort.


Insoles help to increase the lifespan of your shoes as they reduce ground impact when you engage in different activities. They also help you keep your feet in perfect shape as well as maintain the design of your shoes, thus, extending their lifespan.

For extra cushioning, we provide a  5mm-thick sole. The foam used on the Run 300 insole absorbs perspiration.

We, at Decathlon, design insoles for runners like you who seek greater cushioning and wish to maintain the lifespan of your shoes.


For hiking, adventure racing or orienteering, use our compasses that we have designed to help you. 

We also have multi-purpose whistles that are designed with a built-in emergency compass, thermometer, and magnifying glass. 

You can attach your compass to your bag with its snap hook!


When you are running in sunny or windy weather conditions, it is important to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes and reduce glare. We design photochromic sunglasses that provide durability, stability and peripheral vision. The wrap-around shape protects your eyes from the wind, dust and of course, from the bad weather too.

Light (26g) and flexible, the RUN 500 sunglasses can be tailored to your face shape, with its adjustable nose bridge. The wide, ventilated screen makes it easy to wear as if you aren’t wearing any!

Hydration Backpack and Bottles:

Are you looking for easy access to the nutrition and hydration during your trail run? We design hydration backpacks and running water bottles keeping your needs in mind, letting you enjoy your running sessions.

Our lightweight bags are designed to carry everything you need and keep you all geared up while running. You can also check out our belts that are designed to carry two 115 ml of water bottles and small items like mobile, keys, food.


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